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Wednesday, July 27

Death of Pope Urban II, who had preached the first crusade.
An Act for Promoting and Propagating the Gospel in New England is ordered by English House of Commons, inspired by the work of John Eliot among the American Indians.
Eight Quakers from England arrive at Boston on the Speedwell and are immediately imprisoned by Puritan authorities. The Puritans look upon Quakerism with suspicion, regarding it as theologically apostate and politically subversive.
Scottish Covenanter preacher Donald Cargill is hanged for his faith in Edinburgh.
Death of John Sergeant, missionary to New England's Indians. Among his memorable actions had been enlisting David Brainerd as a fellow-missionary to the Indians.
Death of philanthropist Isabella Graham in New York City. She had trained poor women to learn life skills and habits of thrift, and authored a best-seller, The Power of Faith. Her charities had been inspired by her Christian faith.
William Wade Harris, a visionary black preacher, sets out to evangelize the French colony of Ivory Coast where he achieves notable success.
Felix Manalo incorporates Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines. It is influenced by Seventh-day Adventist teachings.
William Sangster is ordained in Wesley Chapel. He will become one of the most influential leaders of the British Methodists during the twentieth century and will constantly appeal to Methodists to return to their roots and seek deeper faith. He also will resist anti-Semitism.
Death of Ding Shujing, the first woman to lead China's branch of the Young Women's Christian Association.

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