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A Day Early and a Dollar Ahead

Some weeks I feel like I'm caught in a bad proverb - 'a day late and a dollar short'.

This time of year is always a challenge with less income during the summer and more expenses with the beginning of school. I have heard and been touched so many stories of God coming through for people in a crisis - and the financial ones always seem so dramatic because I struggle with handing over my finances…

A Difficult Course

Golfers like to be able to enjoy playing the game. Many times we will choose courses that play to our strengths or, as in my case, lack of them. Such as a golfer who has trouble putting the ball in the fairway from the tee will look for a golf course that, though it has rough, is wide open with little or no trees and no out-of-bounds. We like it as easy as we can get it.

Every now and then…

A few questions about freedom

Here's the wonderful thing about Freedom. When we accept Jesus as Savior -- That's the last decision we ever make on our own. We have much greater wisdom at work in us than mere human wisdom after the Holy Spirit resides in our hearts. Choosing Jesus means choosing Him as Ruler of the Heart and Mind and Body and Soul. It means being owned by Him and solely Him because He bought and paid for us.…

A Fitting Send-off

As many of you open this column and read it this morning you may be doing so while golf history is taking place across the ocean. This morning Jack Nicklaus may well play his final round of competitive golf on the venue that has long been golf's hallowed ground; The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland. The round is televised on cable channel TNT which will begin its coverage of the British Open…

A Form of Godliness

The great battle for truth is not between atheists and theists. I once thought that if we could just help people to believe in God then coming to faith in Christ wouldn't be that far off. But the reality is that, though the battle against atheism is worth fighting, the real and intense battle is the call to faith in Jesus Christ. I say this because of a phrase locked away in . Since man is…

A Friend By Any Other Name

'A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.' This little statement is probably familiar to most of us because of what it declares. No matter what you call something it is still going to have that certain air. A rose's scent is a dead giveaway that the flower you are smelling is a rose. How's this? 'A skunk by any other name will still make you gack.' How did that hit you? Good or…

A Gift

Not long ago someone asked me what I would do if I were ever given a comb. For those of you who have not seen me in some time or who do not know me at all, I am, well, follically challenged. I am bald. What hair I have is trimmed very short. So when faced with the above mentioned question I responded very solemnly, "I would never part with it."

Some people love to give and receive gag gifts.…

A Glimpse of God or Caught Out Streaking?

I recently returned from a women's retreat where the theme was deep friendships. I kind of went with the arrogant attitude of, "Well, I have great deep friendships so this will be fun, but I don't think I will be learning much this weekend." Yeah, God quickly snuffed that attitude! I do indeed have great and deep friendships and have surrounded myself with wonderful women; peers, mentors, mentees,…

A Glimpse of Heaven

The Bible doesn't give us an abundance of details as to what heaven will be like, but it does give us what we need to know. After all, how could we possibly fathom all that God has stored up for His saints to enjoy and experience? If we could understand heaven fully now, it wouldn't be much to look forward to. But, the God Who is able to do even above and beyond what we can ask or imagine (, will…

A God Moment

You've had them - those lightning bolt moments when something just becomes clear to you and you think, "Okay God, I get what you've been trying to tell me!"

I've had those moments while driving, showering, hearing a testimonial or a message from the Word, and even woken up from a sound sleep with a clear idea of something I needed to do.

Or it might come when, out of the blue, your child…

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