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Open Communication Lines

Wednesday was a difficult day for me in trying to get my column out to you good folks. Unbeknownst to me the local cable TV company began early to do a job and accidentally cut into the phone lines that service our neighborhood. I did not realize it that morning as I just credited it to another of many malfunctions with the ISP I have. It was not until later that day that I tried to get online…

Opening Night

Opening night. The glitter of the marquee. It could be a show on Broadway, a picture at the Cineplex, or a local restaurant just down the street from you. Opening nights are a big deal for a lot people. They just simply have to be there and be able to say that they were there. Opening nights are important also for other situations. Take the case of the opening night of Pauley Pavilion, the…

Our Edge

Allegations of steroid abuse have permeated the sports world for a number of years now. However, the sport that seems to be having the most trouble with them is baseball. With a recent book out on the subject that points fingers at certain star baseball players and last year's round of suspensions for steroids including certain stars, baseball is awash with the issue.

Mike Schmidt, former third…

Our Lines Must Be Crossed

In the days before the recent holidays, I found myself feeling rushed, anxious and weak. Pre-holiday angst has a way of placing many people in this mood, so I figured that I would have the time to slow down and recover during the holidays themselves, as I had done in the past.

This year something was off. The running and anxiety were not passing, but instead increasing. The harder I tried to…

Our own special gift

Look at the following scriptures and notice how each gift is described in each scripture.

one another to reach our full potential and maturity in Christ. Others can point out our "blind spots" if we are willing to listen and learn.

Why would God give you a 'booster shot' to minister to someone or to fill in a 'hole'? I have lived and worked in many churches. I have watched…

Our True Identity

There are professional golfers and then there are those rare men who play golf for a living. The professional golfers are those for whom the game is not a job. It is their identity. Some years ago I talked with Hubert Green in an airport in Columbus, Ohio as he was coming in for the Memorial Tournament at Jack's place in Dublin. (for those who do not watch golf, that's Muirfield Village Golf…

Out Of Control

The entire incident couldn't have taken more than just a few seconds but, at the moment it happened, it seemed like an eternity. Thoughts flashed through my mind at a rapid rate. I was thinking about my family and friends, my church. Would I ever see them again? Would somebody be coming from the other direction whose life would be lost along with mine? An automobile accident is a frightening…

Out of Duty

I can be so nearsighted when it comes to God's plan. I can let what's right in front of me distract me from the bigger vision God has in mind. The second I receive any sort of answer to even a part of a prayer I can quickly think I know the direction God is taking me; I know the rest so I can take it from here. In the past I have quickly taken control at the slightest inkling of what seemed like…

Out of the Park

Brad Lidge. Remember that name. He almost became the goat of the National League Championship Series and is one of the anti-heroes of the now completed World Series. He is a relief pitcher for the Houston Astros and is one of the best in the league at closing. Closing is the ability of a relief pitcher to come into a game with his team ahead in the late innings and preserve the victory by shutting…

Over-Commitment Doesn't Help Anybody

. Just how our time is spent and divided up will depend on where we are at in life, what kind of health we are in, what ministry opportunities are available to us, etc (. Sometimes certain things will demand an unusual amount of our attention for a period of time, and there is nothing we can do about it whether we like it or not. Other times we will find ourselves with an abnormal…

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