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Saying Good-bye

It's almost that time again. The same time that rolls around this time of the year every year. It's alomst time to say good-bye to this year. Yep, sure nuff, it's New Year's Eve.

Time to say good-bye to all the mistakes of 2004 and hello to all the opportunities in make the same mistakes.

Time to say good-bye to all the problems of 2004 and say hello to all the new problems waiting…

Sea Shells and Obits

One of the things that I enjoy about Myrtle Beach is, of course, the beach. Each morning while there I took the opportunity to go down to the beach with a couple of those mornings giving me the chance to take a walk. Even though the temperatures were in the thirties most mornings it was still pleasant and enjoyable. How can a walk in that beautiful a setting not be enjoyable with the sun rising…

Search My Heart, O God

David prays a very admirable prayer in to hidden sins (see , errors of heart of which we are not yet aware. Once we become aware of them, we need to deal with them, and it is David who sets an example of being proactive in this process. Rather than waiting for sin to happen and the consequences to result, David asks God to show him where his faults might lie. If he can be made aware of them…

Season Pass

The temperature is still in the mid-90s, my son just returned home from a week at camp, and our family hasn't visited half of the tourist sites I had hopes for seeing this summer. But, alas, the school supplies have been purchased, soccer and football season have begun and school starts in just a few days. If I didn't have to go back to work at school perhaps I would jump for joy to get the kids…


A boy in my kindergarten class was answering questions for the teacher for a quarterly progress report. By mid-year the kids are supposed to know the days of the week the months of the year, seasons, etc.

When asked what the seasons were he answered, "Basketball, football, soccer and hockey." I guess we know what the emphasis is at his house!

My favorite season is fall -- I love crisp…

Seeing Well

Back in 1988 I had some problems seeing. One evening, while sitting in the family room of the Bellville Church of Christ parsonage, I asked my wife what time it was. She told me to look on the VCR. I told her I couldn't see the VCR. Two days later I was at the eye doctor being checked and fitted for glasses. The eye doctor kept trying to fit me with a pair of glasses that I would either have…

Seek and You Will Find

Jesus said in . God doesn't force someone into salvation or to do the right thing. Of course, He is sovereign over all things, including salvation (, but He gives each and every person the chance to choose for themselves their own eternal destinies (. Even beyond the choice of receiving or rejecting Christ, we make decisions all the time every day. Some people spurn the truth in their decision-making,…

Seek First His Kingdom and His Righteousness


Selective Forgetfulness

When he first started out he was called a skinny crooner. His frame filled out a little over the years, but his fame grew even more. They called him, "Old Blue Eyes." He became a legend in three separate fields of the entertainment industry. He was a master stage presence in live shows in venues such as Las Vegas and New York. His recordings have been consistent in their sales over the years…



There was a man whose feet, I recall, were shod in thin leather sandals, his coat was well worn and his prayer shawl was beautiful in its simplicity. The tzit tzit on his shawl were short, unlike the priests prayers shawls with tassels that dragged behind them as they walked the street.

His face was not handsome like those silly girls at home giggled over,…

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