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Dismiss the Bully

Believe it or not it has been ten years since the homemade bomb exploded in Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia. It was ten years ago today and it cast a shadow of doubt over the Summer Olympic Games of that year. There was a concert in the park at the time of the bomb blast and more than one hundred people were injured with one person dying from their injuries. It led to fears and speculations…

Do it to Jesus

Yesterday marked the thirtieth anniversary of a milestone for my wife and me. Thirty years ago yesterday we hosted our very first Kelley family Thanksgiving meal. Our oldest son, John, was almost two years old while Sean and Kara had not yet come along. We were ministering to the Church of Christ in Bainbridge, Ohio at that time and had all my family over to the parsonage for turkey dinner with…

Do You have a Birthday?

August has been a big month for my family. Years ago, when we had the custom of trading small gifts with relatives, August was the reason we stopped. There were too many birthdays mounting in August so our family quit giving gifts for each extended family member's birthday. That was just my own family. Then I married and August got even more interesting. Counting birthdays and anniversaries…

Do you have your rock?

By the incredibly smart fellow Anonymous.

Ages ago, actually last century, I ran across a story about a man and a huge rock. I have no idea who wrote it but God called it to my mind this week. I searched for it and could not find it, so I'll try to remember it as best I can.

A man had his home in the woods far from civilization. He liked it that way and relished the clear air and exercise…

Do You Know My Name?

Most of the world now knows the name Michael Phelps. Because of he won more gold medals than anyone else in history and set new world records in swimming his name is known not only by the general public but by marketers hoping to use his notoriety to sell their products.

Name recognition has been emphasized throughout history as it appeals to our longing to be important. I was watching a game…

Do You Want to Be Great?

Often times, Christians balk at the thought of becoming great. When we hear things like "be all you can be," "pursue greatness," and "live up to your full potential," we often condemn such thinking as self-centered and worldly. Granted, when the world says things like this, they usually do mean it in such a way. They are telling us to draw our strength from ourselves rather than Christ, they are…


Though I don't remember calling them that as a kid, that's what they were - do-overs. When we played a game and didn't like the outcome, cries of "that's not fair" and "that doesn't count" would be followed by a free chance at another try. A do-over.

I can think of many times in recent years I would have liked a do-over, but in the real world they're hard to come by. As grown-ups we just have…

Does Baptism Save?

There are churches which use .

Based on this, we know first and foremost that baptism is not something that can save us, or we will contradict all the verses we have already mentioned. Some try to get around this by saying that baptism is not a work, but then I must ask 'What is?' The bottom line is that merely being immersed in water doesn't save anybody. The issue is the sin of the heart,…

Does God Care About Politics?

God very much cares about those who lead our nation and the nations around the world. When it came to the nation of Israel, the king had such great influence that, if he feared God, the people would often turn to God as well. Conversely, if he rebelled against God and turned to idols, the people would follow suit. Obviously, the faithfulness of our leaders or the lack thereof is of major…

Does Your 'Horn' Runneth Over?

The cornucopia was a popular symbol of the Thanksgiving holidays when I was a child. I remember coloring them in school, with fruits and vegetables spilling out - they were pictures that covered the entire palette of crayons. Today that symbolism seems to have waned a bit, replaced by turkeys in ever pose and wearing any expression you can think of from humor to shock.

But the 'horn of plenty',…

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