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Old & New Testament Greek

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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1 KJV: Alpha
A al'-fah
2 KJV: Aaron
NAS: Aaron, Aaron's
Aarṓn ah-ar-ohn'
3 KJV: Abaddon
NAS: Abaddon
Abaddṓn ab-ad-dohn'
4 KJV: not burdensome
NAS: from being a burden
abarḗs ab-ar-ace'
5 KJV: Abba
NAS: Abba
Abbâ ab-bah'
6 KJV: Abel
NAS: Abel
Ábel ab'-el
7 KJV: Abia
NAS: Abijah
Abiá ab-ee-ah'
8 KJV: Abiathar
NAS: Abiathar
Abiathár ab-ee-ath'-ar
9 KJV: Abilene
NAS: Abilene
Abilēnḗ ab-ee-lay-nay'
10 KJV: Abiud
NAS: Abihud
Abioúd ab-ee-ood'
11 KJV: Abraham
NAS: Abraham, Abraham's
Abraám ab-rah-am'
12 KJV: deep, bottomless, bottomless pit
NAS: bottomless, abyss
ábyssos ab'-us-sos
13 KJV: Agabus
NAS: Agabus
Ágabos ag'-ab-os
14 KJV: do good
NAS: do good
agathoergéō ag-ath-er-gheh'-o
15 KJV: do well, well doing, do good
NAS: do right, doing what is right, do good, does good, doing right, do what is right
agathopoiéō ag-ath-op-oy-eh'-o
16 KJV: well doing
NAS: doing what is right, doing what
agathopoiḯa ag-ath-op-oy-ee'-ah
17 KJV: do well
agathopoiós ag-ath-op-oy-os'
18 KJV: well, good, good thing, the thing which is good + (3588), benefit, that which is good + (3588)
NAS: good things, goodness, goods, good man, kindness, kind, good, generous, good thing, kindly
agathós ag-ath-os'
19 KJV: goodness
NAS: goodness
agathōsýnē ag-ath-o-soo'-nay
20 KJV: gladness, exceeding joy, joy
NAS: great joy, gladness, joy
agallíasis ag-al-lee'-as-is
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