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Protherapeia; or Conciliation

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The securing of Indulgence for what is about to be said

Pro-ther-a-pei-a. Greek, προθεραπεία, previous care or treatment, from πρό (pro), before, and θεραπεία (therapeia), service.

The Figure is used when, by way of precaution, we secure indulgence, or conciliate others, with reference to something we are about to say.

It is called also PROEPIPLEXIS, pro´-ep-i-pleex´-is, from πρό (pro), before, and ἐπίπληξις, blame, a blaming (of ones self) beforehand: i.e., in order to secure the attention or favour of another.

When it is added at the end of what is said, it is called Epitherapeia (q.v. [Note: Which see.] ).

John 3:2.-"Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God," etc.

Acts 17:22.-"Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are very religious." This is the meaning of the word (see R.V. [Note: The Revised Version, 1881.] margin) δεισιδαιμονέστερος (deisidaimonesteros), careful in the discharge of religious services. For religion in itself is nothing. It depends entirely on what the religion is, whether true or false.

There are only two religions in the world; and there never have been more from Genesis 4:1-26 to the present day. They are put in the forefront of Revelation. Abels and Cains; Gods way and mans way; Gods way, and mans attempted improvement on it.

All kinds of false religion agree in one thing. They are all alike, and all at one in demanding that the sinner must do something, be something, give, pay, feel, experience, or produce something, to merit Gods favour. They quarrel bitterly as to what that something is to be. Controversies rage concerning it; the blood of martyrs has been shed; battles have been fought; but yet they are all agreed that the sinner must say, "Something in my hand I bring."

Whereas the one and only true religion is expressed in the words,

"NOTHING in my hand I bring."

So that a man may be "very religious," and yet be unsaved, and "far off" from God (Ephesians 2:13).

Acts 26:2-3 is another beautiful example of true Protherapeia. See also 22:3-6, etc.

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