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#242 - ἅλλομαι

middle voice of apparently a primary verb
Parts of Speech
  1. to leap
  2. to spring up, gush up: of water
Strong #: 1801 ‑ דָּלַג (daw‑lag');  6743 ‑ צָלֵחַ (tsaw‑lakh', tsaw‑lay'‑akh);  
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


h.Cer. 175, etc.: impf. ἡλλόμην X. Cyr. 1.4.11, etc.: fut. ἁλοῦμαι (ὑπερ-) X. Eq. 8.4, Dor. ἁλεῦμ αι Theoc. 3.25, 5.144: aor. 1 ἡλάμην Batr. 225, E. Ion 1402, Ar. Ra. 243, no subj. or opt., part. ἁλάμενος [ 1st syll. long] Av. 1395, inf. ἅλασθαι Ael. 16, (καθ-) v.l. Luc. DMort. 14.5: aor. 2 ἡλόμην, rare in ind., v.l. S. HG 4.4.11, (ἐξ-) S. OT 1311, (ἐν-) v.l. A. Pers. 516, subj. ἅληται [] Il. 21.536, opt. ἁλοίμην X. Mem. 1.3.9 (cf. εἰς-), inf. ἁλέσθαι Opp. C. 1.83, etc., part. ἁλόμενος [ ] A. Eu. 368 (lyr.), X. An. 4.2.17, etc.; to aor. 2 also belong Ephesians 2:1-22; Ephesians 3:1-21 sg. ἆλσο, ἆλτο, subj. ἅλεται Il. 11.192, part. ἄλμενος only in compds., but ἅλμενος Opp. H. 5.666: (sal-, cf. Lat. sal-io):

1. spring, leap, prop. of living beings, μὴ.. ἐς τεῖχος ἅληται Il. 21.536; ἐπεί κ'.. εἰς ἵππους ἅλεται 11.192; εἰς ἅλα ἆλτο 1.532 (but ἥλατο πόντον Call. Dian. 195); ἐξ ὀχέων.. ἆλτο χαμᾶζε Il. 6.103; ἆλτο κατ' Οὐλύμπου 18.616: — ἅλλεσθαι ἐπί τινι leap upon or against, 21.174, Od. 22.80; ἐπὶ στίχας Il. 20.353: c. inf., ἆλτο θέειν, πέτεσθαι, h.Cer. 389, Ap. 448: abs., of horse, X. Eq. 8.4.

2. c. acc., leap over, βόθρον Ael. NA 6.6; τάφρον Opp. C. 1.83.

3. of things, ἆλτο ὀϊστός Il. 4.125; of sound, ἀπὸ λείων ἠχὼ ἁλλομένη Pi. Phdr. 255c; of parts of body, twitch, quiver, throb, ἅλλεται ὀφθαλμός Theoc. 3.37, cf. Arist. HA 604a27, PRyl. 1.28.

ἅλλομαι ,

[in LXX for H6743, H1801 pi., etc.;]

to leap: Acts 3:8; Acts 14:10; of water, to spring up, John 4:14 (MM, VGT, s.v.).†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

The verb is used in P Ryl II. 138.15 (A.D. 34) of a thief’s incursion, just as εἰσπηδάω : κατέλαβα τοῦτον διὰ νυκτὸς ἡλμένον εἰς κτλ . ";I detected him when under cover of night he had sprung into the farmstead"; (Edd.). It is recurrent in the curious document P Ryl I. 28 (iv/A.D.), on divination by ";quivering"; of various parts of the body.



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αλείται αλλομένοις αλλομενος αλλόμενος ἁλλόμενος αλλομενου αλλομένου ἁλλομένου αλλομένους ηλατο ήλατο ἥλατο ήλλετο ηλλόμην allomenos allomenou elato ēlato hallomenos hallómenos hallomenou halloménou helato hēlato hḗlato
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