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#797 - ἀστράπτω

probably from (G792)
Parts of Speech
  1. to lighten
    1. of dazzling objects
Strong #: 1300 ‑ בָּרָק (baw‑rawk');  
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(cf. στράπτω), impf. ἀστράπτεσκον Mosch. 2.86: fut. ἀστράψω Cratin. 53, Nonn. D. 33.376: aor. ἤστραψα Il. 17.595, etc.:


1. lighten, hurl lightnings, freq. of omens sent by Zeus, ἀστράπτων ἐπιδέξι' Il. 2.353; Κρονίδης ἐνδέξια σήματα φαίνων ἀστράπτει 9.237; ὡς δ' ὅτ' ἂν ἀστράπτῃ πόσις Ἥρης 10.5; ἀστράψας δὲ μάλα μεγάλ' ἔκτυπε 17.595; οὑλύμπιος ἤστραπτεν, ἐβρόντα Ar. Ach. 531, cf. V. 626.

2. impers., ἀστράπτει it lightens, ἤστραψε it lightened, οὐρανοῦ δ' ἄπο ἤστραψε S. Fr. 578, cf. Arist. Rh. 1392b27.

II flash or glance like lightning, πᾶς γὰρ ἀστράπτει χαλινός S. OC 1067 (lyr.); κατάχαλκον ἀ. πεδίον gleams with brass, E. Ph.

III; so ἀ. χαλκῷ X. Cyr. 6.4.1;

1. of the face, εἶδον τὴν ὄψιν.. ἀστράπτουσαν Pl. Phdr. 254b; ἀ. τοῖς ὄμμασι X. Cyn. 6.15; of flowers, ἀνεμωνίδες ἀστράπτουσαι bright, Nic. Fr. 74.64: c. acc. cogn., ἐξ ὀμμάτων δ' ἤστραπτε.. σέλας (sc. Τυφών) flashed flame from his eyes, A. Pr. 358; ἵμερον ἀστράπτουσα κατ' ὄμματος AP 12.161 (Ascl), cf. Mosch. l.c.; ἤστραψε γλυκὺ κάλλος AP 12.110 (Mel.).

2. of persons, to be brilliant, conspicuous, ἔν τινι Opp. C. 1.361, 2.23.

IV trans.,

1. consume with lightning, dub. in Cratin. 53.

2. illuminate, τι Musae. 276.

ἀστράπτω ,

[in LXX for H1300;]

to lighten, flash forth: Luke 17:24; Luke 24:4 (MM, s.v.).†

Vocabulary of the Greek NT

The MGr ἀστράφτει , ";it lightens,"; reinforces the literary record. The word was vernacular, though, as in the case of the noun, we know of no exx. except in the magic papyri, P Lond 46.150 (iv/A.D.) (= I. p. 70) ἐγώ εἰμι ὁ ἀστράπτων : so ib. 121.234 (iii/A.D.) and 122.92 (iv/A.D.) (= I. pp. 92, 119).



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