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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2970 KJV: revelling, rioting    NAS: carousing    HCS: carousing, orgies, in carousing
kōmos ko'-mos
2971 KJV: gnat    NAS: gnat    HCS: gnat
kṓnōps ko'-nopes
2972 KJV: Coos    NAS: Cos    HCS: Cos
Kṓs koce
2973 KJV: Cosam    NAS: Cosam    HCS: son of Cosam
Kōsám ko-sam'
2974 KJV: speechless, deaf, dumb    NAS: mute, one who was deaf, one who, deaf, mute man    HCS: unable to speak, mute, who was unable to speak, a deaf, man who had been mute, those unable to speak, man, speechless, the deaf, deaf
kōphós ko-fos'
4027 KJV: filth    NAS: scum    HCS: garbage
perikátharma per-ee-kath'-ar-mah
4785 KJV: number    NAS: added    HCS: he was numbered
synkatapsēphízō soong-kat-aps-ay-fid'-zo
5392 KJV: put to silence, be speechless, hold (one's) peace, be still, muzzle    NAS: quiet, speechless, silence, muzzle, still, silenced    HCS: that you silence, Be quiet, muzzle, He had silenced, man was speechless, Silence
phimóō fee-mo'-o
5531 KJV: lend    NAS: lend    HCS: lend
chráō khrah'-o
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