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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1258 KJV: language, tongue    NAS: language, dialect    HCS: language
diálektos dee-al'-ek-tos
1259 KJV: reconcile    NAS: reconciled    HCS: and be reconciled
diallássō dee-al-las'-so
1260 KJV: consider, cast in the mind, reason, think, dispute, muse    NAS: discuss, discussing, reason, wondering, reasoned, pondering, reasoning    HCS: They began to argue, They were discussing, are you thinking, began to argue, He thought, are you discussing, discussed, were debating, thinking, they were thinking, were you arguing about, wondering, they discussed, to think
dialogízomai dee-al-og-id'-zom-ahee
1261 KJV: doubting, thought, doubtful, imagination, disputing, reasoning    NAS: speculations, thoughts, doubts, disputing, motives, opinions, argument, dissension, what...were thinking, reasonings    HCS: thoughts, argument, thinking, do doubts, about doubtful issues, arguing, an argument, the thoughts, reasonings
dialogismós dee-al-og-is-mos'
1262 KJV: scatter    NAS: dispersed    HCS: were dispersed
dialýō dee-al-oo'-o
1263 KJV: witness, charge, testify    NAS: testified, solemnly warned, solemnly testifying, solemnly testifies, solemnly to testify, solemnly witnessed, warn, solemnly charge, solemnly testified, testify solemnly    HCS: testified, and witnessed, I solemnly charge, and solemnly testified, to warn, to solemnly testify, I testified, things, charging, testifies, to testify, warned, had testified, he testified, you have testified
diamartýromai dee-am-ar-too'-rom-ahee
1264 KJV: strive    NAS: argue heatedly    HCS: and argued vehemently
diamáchomai dee-am-akh'-om-ahee
1265 KJV: remain, continue    NAS: remain, remained, stood, continues    HCS: remain, would be preserved, things continue, remained, ones who stood
diaménō dee-am-en'-o
1266 KJV: divide, part, cloven    NAS: sharing, divided up...among themselves, divided...among, divided, distributing, share, dividing up...among    HCS: They divided, they divided, divided, share, will be divided, They will be divided, is divided, distributed, that were divided
diamerízō dee-am-er-id'-zo
1267 KJV: division    NAS: division    HCS: division
diamerismós dee-am-er-is-mos'
1268 KJV: spread    NAS: spread    HCS: spread
dianémō dee-an-em'-o
1269 KJV: beckoned + (2258)    NAS: making signs    HCS: kept making signs
dianeúō dee-an-yoo'-o
1270 KJV: thought    NAS: thoughts    HCS: thoughts
dianóēma dee-an-o'-ay-mah
1271 KJV: understanding, imagination, mind    NAS: thoughts, understanding, minds, mind    HCS: thoughts, in your minds, understanding, because of the thoughts, mind, minds
diánoia dee-an'-oy-ah
1272 KJV: open    NAS: explaining, opens, opened    HCS: He opened, firstborn, were opened, explaining, opened, and explaining, Be opened
dianoígō dee-an-oy'-go
1273 KJV: continued all night + (2258)    NAS: spent the whole night, whole night    HCS: spent all night
dianyktereúō dee-an-ook-ter-yoo'-o
1274 KJV: finish    NAS: finished    HCS: completed
dianýō dee-an-oo'-o
1275 KJV: continually, always    NAS: constant friction
diapantós dee-ap-an-tos'
1276 KJV: pass over, pass, go over, sail over    NAS: cross over, crossing over, crossed over    HCS: cross over, had crossed over, Once they crossed over, When they had crossed over, crossed over, crossing over
diaperáō dee-ap-er-ah'-o
1277 KJV: sail over    NAS: sailed through    HCS: After sailing through
diapléō dee-ap-leh'-o
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