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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2228 KJV: not tr, or, or else, nor, misc, either, than    NAS: or else, rather than, or, nor, other than, either, than, than...or, rather, whether    HCS:
2229 KJV: surely + (3375)    HCS: I will indeed
ē ay
2230 KJV: be governor    NAS: governor    HCS: was governor, was governing
hēgemoneúō hayg-em-on-yoo'-o
2231 KJV: reign    NAS: reign    HCS: reign
hēgemonía hayg-em-on-ee'-ah
2232 KJV: ruler, governor, prince    NAS: governor, governor's, governors    HCS: to governors, governor, governor's, leaders, governors
hēgemṓn hayg-em-ohn'
2234 KJV: gladly    NAS: enjoyed, most gladly, gladly, enjoy    HCS: gladly, with delight
hēdéōs hay-deh'-oce
2235 KJV: even now, by this time, already, now, yet, now already    NAS: this time, already, soon, as soon as, now    HCS: had already, ve already, he had already, He was already, have already, has already, I may now, it were already, is already, was now, You are already, is now, was already, am already, *, it is already, already, to be already, Even now, s already, I have already, I already, now
ḗdē ay'-day
2236 KJV: most gladly, very gladly    HCS: will most gladly, I will most gladly
hḗdista hay'-dis-tah
2237 KJV: lust, pleasure    NAS: pleasure, pleasures    HCS: it a pleasure, pleasures, evil desires, cravings
hēdonḗ hay-don-ay'
2238 KJV: mint    NAS: mint    HCS: of mint, mint
hēdýosmon hay-doo'-os-mon
2239 KJV: manners    NAS: morals    HCS: morals
ēthos ay'-thos
2240 KJV: come    NAS: come, has...come, have come, comes, had come, has come    HCS: come, things will come, I have come, had come, They will come, has come, will come, have come, is here, One will come, I come, the time comes, I will come
hḗkō hay'-ko
2241 KJV: Eli    NAS: Eli    HCS: Elí
ēlí ay-lee'
2242 KJV: Heli    NAS: Eli    HCS: of Heli
Hēlí hay-lee'
2243 KJV: Elias    NAS: Elijah    HCS: for Elijah, the passage about Elijah, Elijah's, Elijah, of Elijah
Hēlías hay-lee'-as
2244 KJV: stature, age    NAS: age, life's span, life, stature    HCS: the age, stature, a short, of age, a stature, height
hēlikía hay-lik-ee'-ah
2245 KJV: how great, what great    NAS: how great, such a small    HCS: how large, how great, a small
hēlíkos hay-lee'-kos
2246 KJV: sun, east    NAS: east, sun    HCS: s light, sun, *, when the sun, the sun, of the sun
hḗlios hay'-lee-os
2247 KJV: nail    NAS: nails    HCS: nails
hēlos hay'-los
2250 KJV: not tr, time, misc, day, daily + (2596)    NAS: court, day's, time, daily, years, daybreak, day, always, daytime, day...another, days, midday    HCS: It, of days, The time, daylight, years, day, Day, the Day, another day, the daylight, The day, one day, The days, other daily, morning, a day's, is the day, At daylight, more days, Each day, of the day, the days, court, time, *, the day, a day, When daylight, by day, the time, daytime, for a few days, the days, days, himself day, special days, for daylight, on the day, very day, in a day, at midday, some days
hēméra hay-mer'-ah
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