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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3112 KJV: afar off, good way off, great way off, far hence, far off, far    NAS: distance, far off, far away, far, long way    HCS: are far off, a long way off, far away, far, who were far away
makrán mak-ran'
3113 KJV: afar off, from far    NAS: distance, away, some distance away, great distance, far    HCS: *, far off, at a distance
makróthen mak-roth'-en
3114 KJV: have patience, bear long, be patient, patiently endure, be longsuffering, suffer long, have long patience    NAS: have patience, patient, patiently waited, delay long    HCS: after waiting patiently, and is patient, be patient, Will He delay, is patient, must be patient, Be patient
makrothyméō mak-roth-oo-meh'-o
3115 KJV: longsuffering, patience    NAS: patience    HCS: patience, and patience, perseverance, patiently
makrothymía mak-roth-oo-mee'-ah
3116 KJV: patiently    NAS: patiently    HCS: patiently
makrothymṓs mak-roth-oo-moce'
3117 KJV: long, far    NAS: distant, long    HCS: say long, a distant, a far
makrós mak-ros'
3118 KJV: live long    NAS: live long    HCS: a long life
makrochrónios mak-rokh-ron'-ee-os
3119 KJV: disease    NAS: sickness    HCS: sickness
malakía mal-ak-ee'-ah
3120 KJV: effeminate, soft    NAS: effeminate, soft    HCS: soft
malakós mal-ak-os'
3121 KJV: Maleleel    NAS: Mahalaleel    HCS: son of Mahalaleel
Maleleḗl mal-el-eh-ale'
3122 KJV: chiefly, specially, especially, most of all    NAS: especially    HCS: especially, most of all, He is especially
málista mal'-is-tah
3123 KJV: the more, rather, better + (2570), misc, more    NAS: all the more, especially, even farther, still more, instead, truer, rather, less, better, greater, much, more    HCS: he was more, all the more, even, the more, *, grew more, in increasing numbers, Instead, even more, them better, above all, with even, instead, to you, instead, by all means, rather, have more, so even more, more
mâllon mal'-lon
3124 KJV: Malchus    NAS: Malchus    HCS: Malchus
Málchos mal'-khos
3125 KJV: grandmother    NAS: grandmother    HCS: grandmother
mámmē mam'-may
3126 KJV: mammon    NAS: wealth    HCS: money, of money
mammōnâs mam-mo-nas'
3127 KJV: Manaen    NAS: Manaen    HCS: Manaen
Manaḗn man-ah-ane'
3128 KJV: Manasses    NAS: Manasseh    HCS: of Manasseh, Manasseh
Manassēs man-as-sace'
3129 KJV: understand, learn    NAS: learned, educated, find, receive instruction, learning, learn    HCS: to learn, learned, He learned, have learned, they must learn, taught, him because I learned, You learned, been trained, you have learned, should learn, Learn, you may learn, may learn, learning, learn
manthánō man-than'-o
3130 KJV: mad    NAS: mad    HCS: is driving you mad
manía man-ee'-ah
3131 KJV: manna    NAS: manna    HCS: manna
mánna man'-nah
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