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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5042 KJV: childbearing    NAS: bearing of children    HCS: childbearing
teknogonía tek-nog-on-ee'-ah
5043 KJV: son, daughter, child    NAS: sons, son, children's, children, child    HCS: son, My son, his children, Children, *, children, their children, 'Son, my son, child, a son, to my children, Son, sons, his child, children's
téknon tek'-non
5044 KJV: bring up children    NAS: brought up children    HCS: she has brought up children
teknotrophéō tek-not-rof-eh'-o
5045 KJV: carpenter    NAS: carpenter, carpenter's    HCS: carpenter's, carpenter
téktōn tek'-tone
5046 KJV: of full age, perfect, man    NAS: perfect, mature, more perfect, complete    HCS: is a mature, more perfect, must do its complete, a mature, adult, mature, perfect, are mature
téleios tel'-i-os
5047 KJV: perfectness, perfection    NAS: perfect, maturity    HCS: maturity, perfect
teleiótēs tel-i-ot'-ace
5048 KJV: perfect, be perfect, make perfect, finish, fulfil, consecrate    NAS: accomplish, full number, accomplished, make...perfect, make perfect, made perfect, finish, fulfill, made...perfect, spending the full number, perfect, perfected, reach...goal    HCS: accomplish, I will complete, people made perfect, He has perfected, After He was perfected, perfected, reached perfection, be made perfect, might be fulfilled, made completely, to finish, I may finish, were over, fully mature, by completing, who has been perfected, was perfected, perfect, is perfected
teleióō tel-i-o'-o
5049 KJV: to the end    NAS: completely    HCS: completely
teleíōs tel-i'-oce
5050 KJV: perfection, performance    NAS: fulfillment, perfection    HCS: fulfilled, perfection
teleíōsis tel-i'-o-sis
5051 KJV: finisher    NAS: perfecter    HCS: perfecter
teleiōtḗs tel-i-o-tace'
5052 KJV: bring fruit to perfection    NAS: bring...fruit to maturity    HCS: mature fruit
telesphoréō tel-es-for-eh'-o
5053 KJV: be dead, die, decrease    NAS: dying, put, deceased, die, died    HCS: *, die, dead, and died, as he was nearing the end of his life, died
teleutáō tel-yoo-tah'-o
5054 KJV: death    NAS: death    HCS: death
teleutḗ tel-yoo-tay'
5055 KJV: accomplish, pay, finish, fulfil, perform, misc, expire    NAS: accomplished, carry, fulfilling, pay, finish, carried, performed, keeps, fulfilled, perfected, finished, completed    HCS: they had fulfilled, I have finished, accomplished, they finish, were completed, pay, they had completed, are completed, are accomplished, it is finished, you keep, It is finished, you pay, have covered, had finished, but who fulfills, carry out, will be accomplished, is perfected, be fulfilled, will be completed
teléō tel-eh'-o
5056 KJV: finally, by (one's) continual + (1519), custom, ending, uttermost, end    NAS: customs, custom, ends, end, goal, outcome, fulfillment, continually, utmost, finished, sum    HCS: you owe tolls, *, the end, End, outcome, tolls, is the end, destiny, ends, to its fulfillment, end, tariffs, goal, finally, final, finished
télos tel'-os
5057 KJV: publican    NAS: tax collector, collector, tax collectors    HCS: Tax collectors, a tax collector, of tax collectors, tax collector, tax collectors
telṓnēs tel-o'-nace
5058 KJV: receipt of custom    NAS: tax booth, tax collector's booth, tax    HCS: tax office
telṓnion tel-o'-nee-on
5059 KJV: wonder    NAS: wonders    HCS: wonders
téras ter'-as
5060 KJV: Tertius    NAS: Tertius    HCS: Tertius
Tértios ter'-tee-os
5061 KJV: Tertullus    NAS: Tertullus    HCS: named Tertullus, Tertullus
Tértyllos ter'-tool-los
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