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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5256 KJV: serve, minister unto, minister    NAS: ministered, ministering, served    HCS: friends from serving, after serving, have provided
hypēretéō hoop-ay-ret-eh'-o
5257 KJV: officer, minister, servant    NAS: attendant, helper, officer, officers, minister, servants    HCS: police, some temple police, attendant, as their assistant, officer, as a servant, temple police, servants
hypērétēs hoop-ay-ret'-ace
5258 KJV: sleep    NAS: sleep    HCS: *, in a deep sleep, sleeping, sleep
hýpnos hoop'-nos
5259 KJV: not tr, under, of, in, misc, with, by    NAS: under, power, hands, about    HCS: did from, be given a start by, of, *, into, on, from, and were prevented by, in, at, here on the floor by, under, one who by, one under, inflicted by, is under, by, lashes from, to be assisted by, of by, things from, by, with
hypó hoop-o'
5260 KJV: suborn    NAS: secretly induced    HCS: they persuaded
hypobállō hoop-ob-al'-lo
5261 KJV: example    NAS: example    HCS: an example
hypogrammós hoop-og-ram-mos'
5262 KJV: ensample, pattern, example    NAS: copy, example, copies    HCS: as a copy, an example, as an example, for the copies, pattern, them an example
hypódeigma hoop-od'-igue-mah
5263 KJV: show, warn, forewarn    NAS: show, warn, warned, showed    HCS: I will show, will show, ve shown, warned
hypodeíknymi hoop-od-ike'-noo-mee
5264 KJV: receive    NAS: received, welcomed    HCS: as guests, when she received, welcomed
hypodéchomai hoop-od-ekh'-om-ahee
5265 KJV: be shod with, shod, bind on    NAS: wear, shod, put    HCS: put on, sandaled
hypodéō hoop-od-eh'-o
5266 KJV: shoe    NAS: sandal, sandals, shoes    HCS: sandal, sandals
hypódēma hoop-od'-ah-mah
5267 KJV: guilty    NAS: accountable    HCS: judgment
hypódikos hoop-od'-ee-kos
5268 KJV: ass    NAS: donkey, beast of burden    HCS: of a beast of burden, A donkey
hypozýgion hoop-od-zoog'-ee-on
5269 KJV: undergird    NAS: undergirding    HCS: and girded
hypozṓnnymi hoop-od-zone'-noo-mee
5270 KJV: under    NAS: underneath, beneath, under, soles    HCS: it under, under
hypokátō hoop-ok-at'-o
5271 KJV: feign    NAS: pretended    HCS: who pretended
hypokrínomai hoop-ok-rin'-om-ahee
5272 KJV: hypocrisy, condemnation, dissimulation    NAS: hypocrisy    HCS: the hypocrisy, of hypocrisy, hypocrisy
hypókrisis hoop-ok'-ree-sis
5273 KJV: hypocrite    NAS: hypocrites, hypocrite    HCS: hypocrites, Hypocrites, Hypocrite
hypokritḗs hoop-ok-ree-tace'
5274 KJV: receive, answer, suppose    NAS: support, replied, suppose, received    HCS: to support, took, took up, I suppose, suppose
hypolambánō hoop-ol-am-ban'-o
5275 KJV: leave    NAS: left    HCS: left
hypoleípō hoop-ol-i'-po
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