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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1668 KJV: another, one, this    NAS: one another, this, together    HCS: Is this, knocked together, *, the other, this, each
dâ' daw
1669 KJV: mourn, sorrow, sorrowful    NAS: languish, wasted away, languishes    HCS: grow weak, those who are weak, are worn out
dâ'ab daw-ab'
1670 KJV: sorrow    NAS: dismay    HCS: dismay
de'âbâh deh-aw-baw'
1671 KJV: sorrow    NAS: despair    HCS: a despondent
de'âbôn deh-aw-bone'
1672 KJV: sorry, afraid, sorrow, take thought, careful    NAS: anxious, become anxious, full of anxiety, dread, worried    HCS: am worried, are worried, is worried, was it you dreaded, worrying, I am anxious, worry
dâ'ag daw-ag'
1673 KJV: Doeg    NAS: Doeg    HCS: that Doeg, Doeg, was Doeg
dô'êg, dô'êg do-ayg', do-ayg'
1674 KJV: heaviness, fear, carefulness, sorrow, with care    NAS: anxiety, concern    HCS: *, Anxiety, there is anxiety, concern, anxiety
de'âgâh deh-aw-gaw'
1675 KJV: fly    NAS: swoop, swoops down, sped, fly swiftly    HCS: He will swoop down, swooping down, to swoop down, soaring
dâ'âh daw-aw'
1676 KJV: vulture    NAS: kite    HCS: kite
dâ'âh daw-aw'
1677 KJV: bear    NAS: bear, bears    HCS: the bear, a bear, female bears, bear, bears
dôb, dôb dobe, dobe
1678 KJV: bear    NAS: bear    HCS: a bear
dôb dobe
1679 KJV: strength    NAS: leisurely walk    HCS: strength
dôbe' do'-beh
1680 KJV: cause to speak    NAS: flowing gently    HCS: gliding past
dâbab daw-bab'
1681 KJV: evil report, slander, infamy    NAS: evil report, report, slander, bad report, bad, whispering    HCS: a negative report, live it down, the gossip, report, slander
dibbâh dib-baw'
1682 KJV: bee    NAS: bee, bees    HCS: bees, a swarm of bees, of bees, bee
debôrâh, debôrâh deb-o-raw', deb-o-raw'
1683 KJV: deborah    NAS: Deborah    HCS: I, Deborah, Deborah, of Deborah
debôrâh, debôrâh deb-o-raw', deb-o-raw'
1684 KJV: offer    NAS: offered    HCS: offering
debach deb-akh'
1685 KJV: sacrifice    NAS: sacrifices    HCS: sacrifices
debach deb-akh'
1686 KJV: dove dung    NAS: dung    HCS: s dung
dibyôn, cheryôn dib-yone', kher-yone'
1687 KJV: oracle    NAS: inner sanctuary, sanctuary    HCS: an inner sanctuary, sanctuary, interior of the sanctuary, inner sanctuary, the inner sanctuary
debı̂yr, debir deb-eer', deb-eer'

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