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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2868 KJV: glad    NAS: pleased
ṭe'êb teh-abe'
2869 KJV: good, fine    NAS: pleases, fine    HCS: it pleases, was pure
ṭâb tawb
2870 KJV: Tabeel, Tabeal    NAS: Tabeel    HCS: Tabeel, we can install Tabeel's
ṭâb'êl taw-beh-ale'
2871 KJV: dyed attire    NAS: turbans    HCS: turbans
ṭâbûl taw-bool'
2872 KJV: middle, midst    NAS: highest part, center    HCS: the central, the center
ṭabbûr tab-boor'
2873 KJV: slain, slay, kill, slaughter    NAS: make, slaughtered, slaughter, slaughters, slay, prepared    HCS: the slaughter, butchers, I butchered, slaughtering, She has prepared, Slaughter, slaughter, will be slaughtered
ṭâbach taw-bakh'
2874 KJV: slay, beast, sore, slaughter    NAS: slaughter, food, animal    HCS: slaughtered, *, the slaughter, an animal, slaughter, meat
ṭebach teh'-bakh
2875 KJV: Tebah    NAS: Tebah    HCS: Tebah
ṭebach teh'-bakh
2876 KJV: guard, cook    NAS: bodyguard, guard, cook    HCS: guard, of the guards, cook, guards, of the guard
ṭabbâch tab-bawkh'
2877 KJV: guard    NAS: bodyguard    HCS: guard
ṭabbâch tab-bawkh'
2878 KJV: flesh, slaughter    NAS: slaughtered, slaughter, meat    HCS: to be slaughtered, slaughter, meat
ṭibchâh tib-khaw'
2879 KJV: cook    NAS: cooks    HCS: cooks
ṭabbâchâh tab-baw-khaw'
2880 KJV: Tibhath    NAS: Tibhath    HCS: Tibhath
ṭibchath tib-khath'
2881 KJV: plunge, dip    NAS: dipped, plunge, dip    HCS: is to dip, dipped, he dipped, will dip, dip, touched, You dip
ṭâbal taw-bal'
2882 KJV: Tebaliah    NAS: Tebaliah    HCS: Tebaliah
ṭebalyâhû teb-al-yaw'-hoo
2883 KJV: settle, drown, fasten, sink    NAS: sunk, sank, settled, sink, drowned, sunk down    HCS: were drowned, have fallen, let me sink, sank, I have sunk, supports, were established
ṭâba‛ taw-bah'
2884 KJV: Tabbaoth    NAS: Tabbaoth    HCS: Tabbaoth's
ṭabbâ‛ôth tab-baw-othe'
2885 KJV: ring    NAS: signet rings, ring, finger rings, rings, signet ring    HCS: *, gold rings, rings, the rings, signet ring, signet rings, ring
ṭabba‛ath tab-bah'-ath
2886 KJV: Tabrimon    NAS: Tabrimmon    HCS: of Tabrimmon
ṭabrimmôn tab-rim-mone'
2887 KJV: Tebeth    NAS: Tebeth    HCS: Tebeth
ṭêbeth tay'-beth

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