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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2895 KJV: ...well, goodly, do, good, please, better, cheer, comely, pleased + (05869)    NAS: fair, pleases, go well, done well, any, high, well-off, well, pleasing, good, pleased, merry, please, did well    HCS: a good, were drunk, *, make you better off, good, better, prosper, It was good, any better, was agreed, pleases, beautiful, you have done well, it good, it pleased, was feeling good, in favor, is well off, he is in a good
ṭôb tobe
2968 KJV: long    NAS: longed    HCS: I long
yâ'ab yaw-ab'
2969 KJV: appertain    NAS: due    HCS: deserve
yâ'âh yaw-aw'
2970 KJV: Jaazaniah    NAS: Jaazaniah    HCS: with Jaazaniah, Jaazaniah
ya'ăzanyâh, ya'ăzanyâhû yah-az-an-yaw', yah-az-an-yaw'-hoo
2971 KJV: Jair    NAS: Jair    HCS: of Jair, Jair's, of Jair's, Jair
yâ'ı̂yr yaw-ere'
2972 KJV: Jairite    NAS: Jairite    HCS: Jairite
yâ'irı̂y yaw-ee-ree'
2973 KJV: foolishly, dote, foolish, fool    NAS: become fools, acted foolishly, foolish    HCS: have been fools, they have played the fool, we have so foolishly, they will act foolishly
yâ'al yaw-al'
2974 KJV: willingly, taken upon me, would, content, began, assayed, please    NAS: ventured, determined, tried, willing, pleased, please, agreed, persisted, undertook    HCS: would, tried, agreed, he is determined, refused to leave, You have been pleased, I have ventured, has determined, Please, we had been content, began, were determined, agree, please
yâ'al yaw-al'
2975 KJV: brooks, flood, river, streams    NAS: rivers, Nile canals, channels, Nile, canals, river, streams    HCS: *, river, streams, The Nile, rivers, channels, it, Nile, canals, the streams, of the river, the Nile, of the Nile
ye'ôr yeh-ore'
2976 KJV: no hope, despair, desperate    NAS: despair, despaired, hopeless    HCS: despair, that a despairing, s hopeless, I give up, will stop
yâ'ash yaw-ash'
2977 KJV: Josiah    NAS: Josiah's, Josiah    HCS: Josiah's, of Josiah, of Josiah's, Josiah
yô'shı̂yâh, yô'shı̂yâhû yo-she-yaw', yo-she-yaw'-hoo
2979 KJV: Jeaterai    NAS: Jeatherai    HCS: Jeatherai
ye'âtheray yeh-aw-ther-ah'ee
2980 KJV: cried    NAS: lamented    HCS: crying out
yâbab yaw-bab
2981 KJV: fruit, increase    NAS: produce, fruit, increase, crops, yield    HCS: produce, crops, The possessions, the produce, fruit, harvest
yebûl yeb-ool'
2982 KJV: Jebus    NAS: Jebus    HCS: of Jebus, Jebus
yebûs yeb-oos'
2983 KJV: Jebusite    NAS: Jebusites, Jebusite    HCS: Jebusites, the Jebusites, Haeleph, Jebus, a Jebusite, Jebusite
yebûsı̂y yeb-oo-see'
2984 KJV: Ibhar    NAS: Ibhar    HCS: s other sons: Ibhar, Ibhar
yibchar yib-khar'
2985 KJV: Jabin    NAS: Jabin, Jabin's    HCS: and Jabin, of Jabin's, him, Jabin, of Jabin
yâbı̂yn yaw-bene'
2986 KJV: lead, carry, lead forth, bring, bring forth    NAS: lead, carry, led, carried, brought, led forth, bring    HCS: led, will bring, but had been carried, rescued, she is led, is carried, bring, have taken, will be taken, will be brought, They are led in, back, guided
yâbal yaw-bal'
2987 KJV: carry, brought    NAS: brought, bring    HCS: carried, bring
yebal yeb-al'
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