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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3216 KJV: devoureth    HCS: gulp down
yâla‛ yaw-lah'
3809 KJV: ever, none, never + (05957), no, not, without, cannot + (03202), no + (03606 ), nor, nothing, neither    NAS: none, no, without, ignorant, never, disregarded, nor, nothing, neither    HCS: They haven't, don't, you have not, They had not, no, not, were unaffected, the work will not, does not, they do not, will never, I have not, These men wouldn't, Didn't, had no, and cannot, has ignored, that no, We will never, none, they will not, *, and is irrevocable, there was no, have not, No, it is not, do not, it has not, you don't, would not, they could not, without, must not, will not, He does not, it is irrevocable, did not, nothing, have ignored
lâ', lâh law, law
3810 KJV: Lodebar    NAS: Lo-debar, Lodebar    HCS: of Debir, Lo-debar
lô' debar, lô debar, lidbir, lôdebar (1,2) lo deb-ar', lid-beer', lo-deb-ar'
3811 KJV: loath, grieve, weary, faint    NAS: become impatient, wearies, try the patience, find difficulty, weary, tired, impatient, parched, exhausted, wearied    HCS: himself out, he is too weary, out, to try the patience, it languished, they were unable, when you are exhausted, I become tired, It has frustrated, will be unable, exhausted, You are worn out, try the patience, have I wearied, you have become exhausted, they wear themselves out, I am tired
lâ'âh law-aw'
3812 KJV: Leah    NAS: Leah, Leah's    HCS: were Leah's, Leah's, among Leah, was Leah, of Leah's, Leah
lê'âh lay-aw'
3813 KJV: covered    NAS: covered    HCS: hid
lâ'aṭ law-at'
3814 KJV: softly
lâ'ṭ lawt
3815 KJV: Lael    NAS: Lael    HCS: of Lael
lâ'êl law-ale'
3816 KJV: nation, folk, people    NAS: nation, peoples', people, other, nations, peoples    HCS: of peoples, what other peoples, you peoples, countries, let peoples, People, people, of the nations, nations, peoples, One people, and tribes, on the nations, nation, the nations, The nations, for the peoples, Let the nations, the other, to the peoples, of people, the peoples, to any people
le'ôm, le'ôm leh-ome', leh-ome'
3817 KJV: Leummim    NAS: Leummim    HCS: Leummim
le'ûmmı̂ym leh-oom-meem'
3818 KJV: strong's synonym, Loammi    NAS: Lo-ammi    HCS: Not My People
lô' ‛ammı̂y lo am-mee'
3819 KJV: Loruhamah    NAS: Lo-ruhamah    HCS: No Compassion
lô' rûchâmâh lo roo-khaw-maw'
3820 KJV: comfortably, friendly, heart, wisdom, hearted, care + (07760), understanding, well, midst, stouthearted + (047), considered, misc, kindly, mind    NAS: wisdom, concerned, consider, himself, life, middle, heart's, regard, accord, skillful persons, skill, decided, minds, hearts, reflected, recalls, conscience, discouraged, stubborn-minded, imagination, tenderly, planned, attention, concern, brokenhearted, spirits, sense, skillful men, thought, Himself, undivided, yourself, discouraging, kindly, self-exaltation, intelligence, courage, encouragingly, chests, skilled, midst, skillful, considered, pride, myself, stouthearted, mind, obstinate, merry-hearted, skillful man, completely, presume, care, understanding, doing, senseless, double heart, heart, willingly, yourselves, celebrating, inspiration, seriously, determine, well, bravest    HCS: with the heart, you, the thought, of the heart, that, opinions, himself, The mind, agenda, makes the heart, Hearts, of hearts, my heart, reason, them, spirit, in both heart, all his, s understanding, theirs, their courage, and deceptive hearts, The hearts, minds, hearts, the courage, began to give myself, conscience, let the hearts, the depths, s heart, your hearts, will, imagination, intention, tenderly, the mind, the hearts, to heart, attention, the will, to the heart, heart's, took pleasure, someone whose heart, spirits, the motives, sense, of sense, the thoughts, Himself, yourself, a mind, making the heart, kindly, of heart, He, their heart, courage, at heart, those whose hearts, in heart, memory, the heart, whose hearts, myself, mind, your heart, thoughts, *, understanding, good sense, their hearts, mood, a heart, his mind, The heart, heart, he, it to heart, attitude, with one mind, the minds, his own, senses, truth
lêb labe
3821 KJV: heart    NAS: myself    HCS: myself
lêb labe
3822 KJV: Lebaoth    NAS: Lebaoth    HCS: Lebaoth
lebâ'ôth leb-aw-oth'
3823 KJV: be wise, make, ravished my heart, made cakes    NAS: heart beat faster, become intelligent, made cakes, make    HCS: will gain understanding, made cakes, heart
lâbab law-bab'
3824 KJV: heart, understanding, misc, consider + (07760), mind    NAS: consider, breasts, heart's, heart and the hearts, hearts, wholeheartedly, anger, wholehearted, thought, yourself, intelligence, courage, encouragingly, fainthearted, mind, intended, purpose, desire, understanding, heart, conscientious, hearts like his heart, timid    HCS: the desire, Reasonable, in our hearts, breasts, whole heart, him, my heart, this desire, minds, hearts, intent, conscience, their minds, herself, the hearts, cowardly, to heart, wholehearted, decide, yourself, a mind, He, courage, in heart, the heart, whose hearts, I, mind, your heart, of their hearts, of the hearts, whose heart, *, desire, of understanding, a heart, heart, yourselves, he, his own, themselves, mental, to have this desire, senses, they will turn you
lêbâb lay-bawb'
3825 KJV: heart    NAS: mind, heart    HCS: the mind, mind, heart
lebab leb-ab'
3826 KJV: heart    NAS: heart    HCS: heart
libbâh lib-baw'
3827 KJV: flame    HCS: a flame
labbâh lab-baw'
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