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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4742 KJV: corner
meqûts‛âh mek-oots-aw'
5354 KJV: weary
nâqaṭ naw-kat'
6892 KJV: vomit    NAS: vomit    HCS: vomit, with vomit
qê', qı̂y' kay, kee
6893 KJV: cormorant, pelican    NAS: pelican    HCS: desert owl, The desert owl, owl, the desert owl
qâ'ath kaw-ath'
6894 KJV: cab    NAS: kab
qab kab
6895 KJV: at all, curse    NAS: curse them at all, cursed, blasphemed, curse    HCS: can I curse, cursed, put a curse, and put a curse, will curse, curse, cast a spell, you can put a curse, pronounced a curse
qâbab kaw-bab'
6896 KJV: maw    NAS: body, stomach    HCS: stomach, belly
qêbâh kay-baw'
6897 KJV: belly
qôbâh ko'-baw
6898 KJV: tent    NAS: tent    HCS: tent
qûbbâh koob-baw'
6899 KJV: companies    NAS: collection    HCS: collection
qibbûts kib-boots'
6900 KJV: sepulchre, burying place, grave, burial    NAS: burial place, tomb, grave, burial    HCS: burial place, tomb, burial, a proper burial, grave, Grave
qebûrâh, qebûrâh keb-oo-raw', keb-oo-raw'
6901 KJV: take hold, receive, held, choose, took, undertook    NAS: made a custom, accept, take, took, opposite, accepted, received, undertook    HCS: took charge of, accept, line up, receive, lined up, Should we accept, bound, agreed, choice, received
qâbal kaw-bal'
6902 KJV: receive, take    NAS: receive, received    HCS: ll receive, received, will receive
qebal keb-al'
6903 KJV: against, as + (03606), wherefore + (03606), according, therefore + (03606), as, misc, before, because + (03606)    NAS: front, forasmuch, reason, therefore, opposite, just, inasmuch, because, presence, result, though, before    HCS: *, in front of, next to, Because of, presence, before
qebêl, qŏbêl keb-ale', kob-ale'
6904 KJV: war    NAS: battering rams, before    HCS: battering rams
qôbel ko'-bel
6905 KJV: before    HCS: publicly
qâbâl kaw-bawl'
6906 KJV: rob, spoil    NAS: robbed, robbing, take, rob    HCS: are robbing, will plunder, those who plunder, rob, do we rob, are still robbing
qâba‛ kaw-bah'
6907 KJV: dregs    NAS: dregs, chalice    HCS: the goblet to the dregs, that goblet
qûbba‛ath koob-bah'-ath
6908 KJV: heap, resort, gather, gather up, assemble, surely, gather together, misc, gather out    NAS: assembled, meet, surely gather, regather, collected, brought the together, grown, rally, turn, assemble, gather, collect, gathered, gathers    HCS: assembled, He will collect, should gather, Joseph gathered, grows pale, assemble, will gather, They were gathered, were gathered, am about to gather, They gathered, rallied, that has gathered, rally, they may assemble, those who harvest, to meet, will assemble, I will collect, and regathered, are gathered, to assemble, they formed a unified alliance, I will gather, going to gather, gathered together, I gathered, he stores up, had gathered, a shepherd, gather together, one to gather them together, Come together, You collected, were assembled, will be gathered, collect, besides those already gathered, Let them gather, collects, are assembled, he collects, one to gather up, came together, gathered, He gathers, has gathered, they gathered, they should gather together, he gathered, You are to gather, up, He has gathered, together, whoever earns, back, Gather, have joined forces, who gathers, gather, had gathered together, she collected, Assemble, turn pale
qâbats kaw-bats'
6909 KJV: Kabzeel    NAS: Jekabzeel, Kabzeel    HCS: Kabzeel
qabtse'êl keb-tseh-ale'
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