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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5372 KJV: whisperer, talebearer    HCS: a gossip, A gossip's
nirgân neer-gawn'
7200 KJV: heed, foreseeth, look, see, consider, lo, perceive, shew, regard, spy, enjoy, appear, provide, respect, misc, behold, seer    NAS: remained alive, regards, experience, see, become visible, consider, faced, make an inspection, view, make me see, regard, displayed, observing, gaze, appear, perceived, presents, tell, behold, makes an inspection, shown, visit, see as a sees, find, seemed, approve, face, became aware, watch, think, examined, see plainly, access, became visible, looks, provided, observe, provide, encountered, exposed, supervise, staring, take heed, vision, seeing, search, advisers, heed, regarded, understand, gloat, display, appears, seen, surely seen, perceive, show, enjoy, looked and saw, considered, sees, give attention, looked, stare, observed, noticed, keep on looking, look, saw, public, indeed look, choice, distinguish, select, take into consideration, appeared, looking, showed, selected, shows, sleep    HCS:
râ'âh raw-aw'
7201 KJV: glede    HCS: kite
râ'âh raw-aw'
7202 KJV: see    NAS: conscious    HCS: aware of
râ'eh raw-eh'
7203 KJV: vision    NAS: seers, seer, visions, seer's    HCS: seers, Seer, seer's, their visions, seer
rô'eh ro-eh'
7205 KJV: Reuben    NAS: Reuben    HCS: of Reuben, Reuben's, were Reuben, *, Let Reuben, will be Reuben, Reuben
re'ûbên reh-oo-bane'
7206 KJV: Reuben, Reubenite    NAS: Reuben, Reubenite, Reubenites    HCS: the Reubenites, Reubenite, *, to take the Reubenites, Reubenites, to the Reubenites
re'ûbênı̂y reh-oo-bay-nee'
7207 KJV: beholding + (07212)
ra'ăvâh rah-av-aw'
7208 KJV: Reumah    NAS: Reumah    HCS: was Reumah
re'ûmâh reh-oo-maw'
7209 KJV: looking glass    NAS: mirror    HCS: metal mirror
re'ı̂y reh-ee'
7210 KJV: look, see, gazingstock    NAS: who, seeing, seen, spectacle, sees, appearance, sight    HCS: a spectacle, Who Sees, *, appearance
rŏ'ı̂y ro-ee'
7211 KJV: Reaia, Reaiah    NAS: Reaiah    HCS: Reaiah's, Reaiah
re'âyâh reh-aw-yaw'
7212 KJV: beholding    NAS: look    HCS: to gaze at
re'ı̂yth reh-eeth'
7213 KJV: lifted up    NAS: rise    HCS: Jerusalem will be raised up
râ'am raw-am'
7214 KJV: unicorn    NAS: wild ox, wild oxen    HCS: the wild ox, Would the wild ox, of the wild oxen, *, that of a wild ox, of a wild ox, The wild oxen
re'êm, re'êym, rêym, rêm reh-ame', reh-ame', rame, rame
7215 KJV: coral    NAS: coral    HCS: coral, Coral
râ'mâh raw-maw'
7216 KJV: Ramoth    NAS: Ramoth    HCS: Ramoth, they received Ramoth
râ'môth, râ'môth raw-moth', raw-moth'
7217 KJV: sum, head, chief    NAS: heads, summary, head, mind    HCS: head, heads, *, and here is the summary, mind, The head
rê'sh raysh
7218 KJV: principal, rulers, company, sum, first, head, beginning, chief, captain, top, misc, chapiters    NAS: faced, heads, sum, count, ends, bodyguard, top, beheaded, leaders, ridge, best things, hair, topmost, distant, chief, companies, every, divisions, favor, leader, chief men, bands, summit, head, released, full, captains, corner, best, laughingstock, chiefs, leading man, finest, company, census, rivers, leading men, tops, first, beginning, masters, themselves    HCS: was first, The heads, a mountaintop, of heads, one the head, for my head, take a census, and chief, heads, the fork, sum, life, the ridge, or the summit, commander, is to be the beginning, and were the heads, rise up, and chiefs, been the leader, ends, the leaders, the best products, top, The tops, The leaders, the beginning, were the heads, as leaders, their leading, leaders, division, the leader, who were over, hilltop, the finest, was chief, hair, the best, your own head, commanders, topmost, the corner, chief, companies, the cornerstone, who were heads, the mountaintops, where, consecrated head, for the tops, unit, her head, divisions, as chief, last division, units, the tip, the source, lead, leader, were leaders, to the top, bands, the mountaintop, there were leaders, by the heads, summit, the head, her masters, from his head, their heads, the heads, head, the very top of the tree, each warrior, He must make full, were the leaders, and heads, with the leaders, leading, The entirety, the heads, our heads, a leader, who were leaders, the peak, ruler, the chief, mountaintops, *, was leader, They were the heads, You have appointed me the head, become the leader, chiefs, high, greatest, highlands, His head, at the highest, above, the first, The following were the chiefs, s head, was head, first, at the beginning, tops, his head, beginning, were chiefs, the top, are the heads, the summit, the heights, the tops, were heads
rô'sh roshe
7219 KJV: hemlock, poison, venom, gall    NAS: poisonous weeds, bitterness, poison, gall, poisoned, poisonous    HCS: poisonous weeds, me with bitterness, poison, the poison, poisoned, me gall, poisonous, are poisonous
rô'sh, rôsh roshe, roshe
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