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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5486 KJV: perish, have an end, utterly, consume    NAS: remove, swept away, come to an end, completely remove, fade, surely snatch, surely snatch away    HCS: and bring them to an end, swept away, will perish, *, I will sweep away, fade
sûph soof
5487 KJV: fulfilled, consume    NAS: put an end, fulfilled    HCS: bring them to an end, was executed
sûph soof
5488 KJV: Red, flags, weeds    NAS: rushes, weeds, red, reeds    HCS: toward the Red, of the Red, rush, the Red, seaweed, reeds, the Red
sûph soof
5489 KJV: Red    NAS: Suph    HCS: Suph
sûph soof
5490 KJV: hinder part, conclusion, end    NAS: conclusion, rear, end    HCS: the conclusion, is the end, rear guard, end, the end
sôph sofe
5491 KJV: end    NAS: ended, forever, end    HCS: the ends, has no end, *, end
sôph sofe
5492 KJV: Red sea, storm, whirlwind, tempest    NAS: storm, Suphah, whirlwind, windstorms, gale, tempest    HCS: Suphah, a storm, whirlwind, The windstorm, of the storm, wind, storms, storm, the whirlwind, a whirlwind, a gale
sûphâh soo-faw'
5493 KJV: eschewed, remove, aside, take off, turn in, depart, put, take, go, turn, misc, (put, take, etc) ... away    NAS: left, withdrawn, cut off, turned away, remove, move, depart, turned, take, turns aside, took, deprives, gone, turn, pass away, departed, lacks, past, strip away, deposed, escape, keep away, degenerate, removing, take off, put away, take away, took away, turning aside, leave, swerve, go away, separated, beheaded, keeps away, took off, retract, taken away, get, abolished, turn away, turns away, takes away, undone, wanderer, avoid, relieved, turn aside, do away, turned aside, pardoning, return, turn...aside, removed, turning away    HCS: has removed, he may avoid, I relieved, let us stop, he removed, would leave, he will depart, reassigned, you remove, captain, Get away, he would remove, They will abolish, over, They stopped, of the removal, of, you turn aside, turning, I took, I have removed, turned aside, will leave, disregarded, is abolished, go astray, they detoured, left, remove, depart, will be far, off, again turn away, Remove, turn, He removed, they turn away, been removed, He is to remove, they beheaded, escape, he is to remove, he could take off, that had been removed, stay away, turning people away, has been removed, avoids, will come to an end, to swerve, take away, will cease, removes, Don't, will depart, *, Let her remove, He forced me off, Get rid of, and leave, turns away, moved away, Prune away, Keep, they went over, will turn away, Take off, have turned, I will remove, Stay away, they turned aside, is about to remove, and remove, he went, will turn aside, had left, had removed, Laban removed, they took away, cut off, move, I removed, you get rid of, Israel turned away, They have turned aside, turned, is no longer, Get out, will be taken, He will take, to turn, he had gone over, have turned away, will fall, he left, has come, I must go over, Stop, leave, will remove, Turn away, who rejects, disappears, are removed, will go away, has turned away, they got rid of, He will remove, you have turned, I will therefore remove, They will cut off, alone, They removed, removed, can repel, stopped and went, they will remove, strayed, turned away, he went over, they followed, he can stay, one turns, slip, withdrew, Put away, they turned, turns, deposed, whoever turns, she took off, enter, will strip, go back, separate, I abolished, away, Come in, Away, separated, will be removed, he stopped, to remove, to turn aside, taken away, Leave, rebels, I would remove, turn away, is removed, undone, stop, get rid of, be removed, turn aside, to take away, return, Take away, is over, Depart
sûr, śûr soor, soor
5494 KJV: degenerate    HCS: All who turn away, wandering, a degenerate
sûr soor
5495 KJV: Sur    NAS: Sur    HCS: the Sur
sûr soor
5496 KJV: move, entice, removed, set on, away, stir up, persuade, provoked    NAS: enticed, entice, stirred, induced, incited, mislead, inciting, persuaded, misleads, misleading, misled, moved, diverted    HCS: is inciting, misled, he persuaded, one lures, He lured, he misleads, incited, He stirred up, she persuaded, entices, let him mislead, who has incited, mislead, you incited, away, misleading
sûth sooth
5497 KJV: clothes    NAS: robes    HCS: robes
sûth sooth
5498 KJV: draw, draw out, tear    NAS: drag off, drag, dragged    HCS: we will drag, drag away, lambs will be dragged away, dragged off, be dragged away
sâchab saw-khab'
5499 KJV: clout    NAS: clothes    HCS: rags
sechâbâh seh-khaw-baw'
5500 KJV: scrape    NAS: scrape    HCS: I will scrape
sâchâh saw-khaw'
5501 KJV: offscouring    NAS: offscouring, what springs    HCS: disgusting filth
sechı̂y seh-khee'
5503 KJV: traffick, merchantmen + (0582), panteth, merchant, trade, about    NAS: throbs, merchant, roving about, commercial, merchants, trafficked, customers, trade, traders, customer    HCS: you can trade, you merchants, current commercial rate, move about, trading partner, traders, partners, travel, trading, and have traded, the merchants, races, the merchant, Those who trade, move about
sâchar saw-khar'
5504 KJV: merchandise    NAS: market, merchandise, gain, profit    HCS: *, profits, silver, the merchant, the merchandise, profit
sachar sakh'-ar
5505 KJV: mart, merchandise
sâchar saw-khar'
5506 KJV: merchandise    NAS: market
sechôrâh sekh-o-raw'
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