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Octavius - Anti-Pope
Octavius, Pope
Odd Fellows, Order of
Oddone Colonna
Odilo, Saint
Odington, Walter
Odium Theologicum
Odoric of Pordenone, Blessed
Oecolampadius, Johann
Oecumenical Councils
Oersted, Hans Christian
Offense, Mount of
Office of the Dead
Office, Abuse of
Office, Divine
Offices, Passion
Ogdensburg, New York, Diocese of
Ogilvie, John, Saint
Oh Come and Mourn with Me a While
Ohm, Georg Simon
Oil of Catechumens
Oil of Saints
Oil of the Sick
Oil Stock
Oil, Olive
Oils, Holy
Okeghem, Jean D'
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Archdiocese of
Olacie of Barcelona, Saint
Olaf Haraldson, Saint
Olaille of Barcelona, Saint
Olaire of Barcelona, Saint
Olaus Magnus
Old Catholic Church in America
Old Catholics
Old Latin Version
Old Law
Old Order German Baptist Brethren
Old Sarum
Old School Baptists
Old Testament, Sacrifices in the
Olier, Jean Jacques
Olivaint, Pierre
Olive Branch
Olive Oil
Olive Sunday
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Plunket
Olivet, Mount
Omaha, Nebraska, Archdiocese of
Omega, Alpha and
Omer, Saint
Omnis Expertem MacUle Mariam
Once in Royal David's City
Onitsha, Nigeria, Archdiocese of
Only Begotten Son

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