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#631 - ἀπομάσσομαι

middle voice from (G575) and masso (to squeeze, knead, smear)
Parts of Speech
  1. to wipe off
  2. to wipe off one's self, to wipe of for one's self
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Middle voice from G575 and μάσσω massō (to squeeze, knead, smear)

μάσσω, S. Fr. 563; Att. μάττω Eup. 340: fut. μάξω Ar. Lys. 601 (anap.) (ἀνα - Od. 19.92): aor. ἔμαξα Pherecr. 183.2, Pl. R. 372b, Arist. Rh. 1416b31, Nic. Th. 952: pf. μέμᾰχα Ar. Eq. 55: Med., fut. μάξομαι (ἐμμ -) Call. Dian. 124: aor. ἐμαξάμην Hdt. 1.200; poet. μαξάμην AP 5.295 (Agath.): Pass., aor. 1 ἐμάχθην Aret. CD 2.12: aor. 2 ἐμάγην [ ] (v. ἐκμ -): pf. μέμαγμαι Ar. Eq. 57, Th. 4.16: freq. in compds. with ἀπό, ἐκ: —


1. knead, press into a mould, esp. of barley-cakes which were subsequently moistened and eaten without baking (cf. μακτός), S. l. c., Ar. Pax 14; μᾶζαν μεμαχότος Id. Eq. 55 (also in Med., Hdt. l.c., Ar. Nu. 788); ἐκ μὲν τῶν κριθῶν ἄλφιτα.., ἐκ δὲ τῶν πυρῶν ἄλευρα, τὰ μὲν πέψαντες, τὰ δὲ (viz. ἄλφιτα) μάξαντες Pl. l.c.: metaph., μάττειν ἐπινοίας Ar. Eq. 539: Med., εὐλόγου[ς] αἰτίας ματτόμενον Pall. in Hp. Fract. 12.286 C.: Pass., μᾶζα μεμαγμένη Archil. 2; μᾶζαν ὑπ' ἐμοῦ μεμ. Ar. Eq. 57, cf. 1167; σῖτος μεμαγμένος dough ready kneaded (or pressed into cakes), Th. l. c., cf. Ar. Pax 28; ὅστις ἀλφιτοσιτεῖ, ὕδατι μεμαγμένην (μεμιγ - codd.) ἀεὶ τὴν μᾶζαν ἐσθίει prob. cj. in X. Cyr. 6.2.28, cf. Agathocl. 6.

II wipe, ῥοδόπηχυς Ἠὼς μαξαμέ[νη χεῖρας ?] Inscr.Prien. 287; cf. εἰσμάσσομαι.

III take the impression of, cling close to, Med. c. acc., AP l.c.

** απο -μάσσω

(< μάσσω , Att... -ττω , to touch, handle),

[in LXX: Tobit 7:17 *;]

to wipe off, wire clean: mid., Luke 10:11.†

List of Word Forms
απομασσομεθα απομασσόμεθα ἀπομασσόμεθα απομέμψεται apomassometha apomassómetha
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