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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2404 KJV: Hierapolis    NAS: Hierapolis    HCS: Hierapolis
Hierápolis hee-er-ap'-ol-is
2405 KJV: office of the priesthood, priest's office    NAS: priest's office, priestly office    HCS: priesthood, priestly office
hierateía hee-e-at-i'-ah
2406 KJV: priesthood    NAS: priesthood    HCS: priesthood
hieráteuma hee-er-at'-yoo-mah
2407 KJV: execute the priest's office    NAS: performing...priestly service, priestly service    HCS: was serving as priest
hierateúō hee-er-at-yoo'-o
2408 KJV: Jeremy, Jeremias    NAS: Jeremiah    HCS: Jeremiah
Hieremías hee-er-em-ee'-as
2409 KJV: high priest, priest    NAS: priests, priest    HCS: high priest, priests, are a priest, Levitical priests, priest, a priest, of priests
hiereús hee-er-yooce'
2410 KJV: Jericho    NAS: Jericho    HCS: Jericho, of Jericho
Hierichṓ hee-er-ee-kho'
2411 KJV: temple    HCS: temple, temple complex, *, to the temple complex
hierón hee-er-on'
2412 KJV: as becometh holiness    NAS: reverent    HCS: are to be reverent
hieroprepḗs hee-er-op-rep-ace'
2413 KJV: holy    NAS: sacred, temple, sacred services    HCS: sacred, temple services
hierós hee-er-os'
2414 KJV: Jerusalem    NAS: Jerusalem    HCS: Jerusalem, to those in Jerusalem, people from Jerusalem
Hierosólyma hee-er-os-ol'-oo-mah
2415 KJV: of Jerusalem    NAS: people of Jerusalem    HCS: people of Jerusalem
Hierosolymítēs hee-er-os-ol-oo-mee'-tace
2416 KJV: commit sacrilege    NAS: rob temples    HCS: do you rob their temples
hierosyléō hee-er-os-ool-eh'-o
2417 KJV: robber of the churches    NAS: robbers of temples    HCS: temple robbers
hierósylos hee-er-os'-oo-los
2418 KJV: minister    NAS: ministering as a priest    HCS: serving as a priest
hierourgéō hee-er-oorg-eh'-o
2419 KJV: Jerusalem    NAS: Jerusalem    HCS: of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, also from Jerusalem, in Jerusalem
Hierousalḗm hee-er-oo-sal-ame'
2420 KJV: priesthood    NAS: priesthood    HCS: priesthood
hierōsýnē hee-er-o-soo'-nay
2421 KJV: Jesse    NAS: Jesse    HCS: of Jesse, Jesse, son of Jesse
Iessaí es-es-sah'ee
2422 KJV: Jephthae    NAS: Jephthah    HCS: Jephthah
Iephtháe ee-ef-thah'-eh
2423 KJV: Jechonias    NAS: Jeconiah    HCS: Jechoniah
Iechonías ee-ekh-on-ee'-as
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