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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1278 KJV: grieve    NAS: greatly annoyed, greatly disturbed    HCS: was greatly aggravated, were provoked
diaponéō dee-ap-on-eh'-o
1279 KJV: in (one's) journey, pass by, go through    NAS: passing, going, passing through    HCS: when I pass through, He went, passed, passing by, they traveled through
diaporeúomai dee-ap-or-yoo'-om-ahee
1280 KJV: be in doubt, be perplexed, doubt, be much perplexed    NAS: greatly perplexed, great perplexity    HCS: He was perplexed, perplexed, they were baffled
diaporéō dee-ap-or-eh'-o
1281 KJV: gain by trading    NAS: business...done    HCS: how much they had made in business
diapragmateúomai dee-ap-rag-mat-yoo'-om-ahee
1282 KJV: be cut to the heart, be cut    NAS: cut, cut to the quick    HCS: they were enraged
diapríō dee-ap-ree'-o
1283 KJV: spoil    NAS: plunder    HCS: he will rob, and rob, he can rob
diarpázō dee-ar-pad'-zo
1284 KJV: rend, break    NAS: tearing, break, tore    HCS: began to tear, he would snap, tore
diarrhḗssō dee-ar-hrayce'-so
1285 KJV: tell unto    NAS: reported, explain    HCS: and reported, Explain
diasaphéō dee-as-af-eh'-o
1286 KJV: do violence to    NAS: take force    HCS: by force
diaseíō dee-as-i'-o
1287 KJV: waste, scatter abroad, disperse, scatter, straw    NAS: scattered abroad, scattered, squandered, squandering    HCS: He has scattered, he squandered, scattered, will be scattered, was squandering, were scattered
diaskorpízō dee-as-kor-pid'-zo
1288 KJV: pull in pieces, pluck asunder    NAS: torn to pieces, torn apart    HCS: might be torn apart, had snapped off
diaspáō dee-as-pah'-o
1289 KJV: scatter abroad    NAS: scattered    HCS: who were scattered, who had been scattered, were scattered
diaspeírō dee-as-pi'-ro
1290 KJV: scattered, dispersed, scatter abroad    NAS: dispersed, scattered throughout, Dispersion    HCS: dispersed, Dispersion
diasporá dee-as-por-ah'
1291 KJV: charge, be commanded, give commandment    NAS: giving orders, gave...instruction, ordered, command, gave...orders    HCS: He commanded, He would order, orders, what was commanded, He ordered, our authorization
diastéllomai dee-as-tel'-lom-ahee
1292 KJV: space    NAS: interval    HCS: an interval
diástēma dee-as'-tay-mah
1293 KJV: distinction, difference    NAS: distinction    HCS: distinction, a distinction
diastolḗ dee-as-tol-ay'
1294 KJV: perverse, turn away, pervert    NAS: perverse, make crooked, perverse things, perverted, turn...away, misleading    HCS: perverting, rebellious, away, number with deviant, man subverting, perverted
diastréphō dee-as-tref'-o
1295 KJV: save, escape safe, heal, bring safe, make perfectly whole, escape    NAS: cured, saved, save the life, brought safely, brought safely through, safely through, bring...safely through, bring...safely    HCS: and save, ashore, has escaped, safely reached, to save, were saved, them and bring him safely, it were made perfectly well
diasṓzō dee-as-odze'-o
1296 KJV: ordinance, disposition    NAS: ordinance, ordained    HCS: the direction, command
diatagḗ dee-at-ag-ay'
1297 KJV: commandment    NAS: edict    HCS: edict
diátagma dee-at'-ag-mah
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