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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1099 KJV: sweet, fresh    NAS: sweet, fresh    HCS: as sweet, sweet, fresh
glykýs gloo-koos'
1100 KJV: tongue    NAS: tongues, tongue    HCS: own languages, language, in another language, of languages, speech, another language, tongue, in languages, in other languages, languages, tongues, speaking in other languages
glōssa gloce'-sah
1101 KJV: bag    NAS: money box    HCS: money-bag
glōssókomon gloce-sok'-om-on
1102 KJV: fuller    NAS: launderer    HCS: launderer
gnapheús gnaf-yuce'
1103 KJV: true, own, sincerely    NAS: sincerity, true    HCS: TRUE, genuineness, my true
gnḗsios gnay'-see-os
1104 KJV: naturally    NAS: genuinely    HCS: will genuinely
gnēsíōs gnay-see'-oce
1105 KJV: blackness    NAS: darkness    HCS: gloom
gnóphos gnof'-os
1106 KJV: will, judgment, agree + (4160 + (3391), advice, mind, purpose + (1096)    NAS: opinion, decided, purpose, judgment, consent    HCS: an opinion, purpose, conviction, opinion, so a decision, plan, consent
gnṓmē gno'-may
1107 KJV: declare, make known, do to wit, certify, give to understand, wot    NAS: have you know, know, make...known, inform, bring...information, make known, made known, made...known    HCS: know, to make known, will tell, He made known, They will tell, to know, be made known, make known, made known, known, when we made known, will make it known, I want to clarify, You have revealed, has made known, I have made known, was made known, I am informing
gnōrízō gno-rid'-zo
1108 KJV: science, knowledge    NAS: knowledge, knowing, understanding way    HCS: with knowledge, an understanding, Knowledge, this knowledge, untrained in knowledge, knowledge, of knowing, of knowledge, the knowledge
gnōsis gno'-sis
1109 KJV: expert    NAS: expert    HCS: an expert
gnṓstēs gnoce'-tace
1110 KJV: acquaintance, notable, known    NAS: acquaintances, noteworthy, known    HCS: friends, *, an obvious, known, let me explain, an acquaintance, aware
gnōstós gnoce-tos'
1111 KJV: murmur    NAS: did, grumble, grumbling, grumbled, muttering    HCS: did, should we complain, *, started complaining, they began to complain, were complaining, muttering
gongýzō gong-good'-zo
1112 KJV: murmuring, grudging    NAS: complaint, grumbling    HCS: complaining, grumbling, a complaint, discussion
gongysmós gong-goos-mos'
1113 KJV: murmurer    NAS: grumblers    HCS: grumblers
gongystḗs gong-goos-tace'
1114 KJV: seducer    NAS: impostors    HCS: impostors
góēs go'-ace
1117 KJV: burden, merchandise    NAS: cargo, cargoes    HCS: cargo, merchandise
gómos gom'-os
1118 KJV: parents    NAS: parents    HCS: their parents, to parents, parents
goneús gon-yooce'
1119 KJV: kneel + (5087 + (3588), knee    NAS: feet, knelt, knees, down, kneeling, knee    HCS: *, knee, knees
góny gon-oo'
1120 KJV: kneel to, bow the knee, kneel down to    NAS: knees before, knelt down, falling on his knees before, knelt before    HCS: knelt down, on his knees, they knelt down, and knelt down
gonypetéō gon-oo-pet-eh'-o
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