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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3015 KJV: leper    NAS: leper, lepers, leprous    HCS: those with skin diseases, who had a serious skin disease, who had serious skin diseases, with serious skin diseases, a man with a serious skin disease, *
leprós lep-ros'
3016 KJV: mite    NAS: small copper coins, cent    HCS: cent, tiny coins
leptón lep-ton'
3017 KJV: Levi    NAS: Levi    HCS: of Levi, Levi, son of Levi, in a sense Levi
Leuḯ lyoo-ee'
3018 KJV: Levi    HCS: Levi
Leuḯs lyoo-is'
3019 KJV: Levite    NAS: Levites, Levite    HCS: Levites, a Levite
Leuḯtēs lyoo-ee'-tace
3020 KJV: Levitical    NAS: Levitical    HCS: Levitical
Leuïtikós lyoo-it-ee-kos'
3021 KJV: white, make white    NAS: made...white, whiten    HCS: white, whiten
leukaínō lyoo-kah'ee-no
3022 KJV: white    NAS: white    HCS: a white, in a long white, mdash; white, white, in white, were white, was as white, as white
leukós lyoo-kos'
3023 KJV: lion    NAS: lion, lions, lion's    HCS: a lion, lion, a lion's, of lions, lions, Lion, the lion's
léōn leh-ohn'
3024 KJV: forget + (3083)    NAS: forgotten    HCS: and has forgotten
lḗthē lay'-thay
3025 KJV: winepress + (3631), winepress    NAS: wine press, wine, press    HCS: a winepress, winepress, press
lēnós lay-nos'
3026 KJV: idle tales    NAS: nonsense    HCS: nonsense
lēros lay'-ros
3028 KJV: receiving    HCS: receiving
lēmpsis lape'-sis
3029 KJV: very, great, greatly, very chiefest + (5228), exceeding, sore    NAS: extremely, very, vigorously, quite, still, exceedingly, utterly    HCS: very, a very, mdash; extremely, was greatly, *, I was very, They were completely, he strongly, Very
lían lee'-an
3030 KJV: frankincense    NAS: frankincense    HCS: frankincense
líbanos lib'-an-os
3031 KJV: censer    NAS: censer    HCS: incense burner
libanōtós lib-an-o-tos'
3032 KJV: Libertine    NAS: Freedmen    HCS: Freedmen's
Libertînos lib-er-tee'-nos
3033 KJV: Libya    NAS: Libya    HCS: of Libya
Libýē lib-oo'-ay
3034 KJV: stone    NAS: stone, stoned, stoning    HCS: They were stoned, to stone, stone, are you stoning, I was stoned, might stone, stoned, stoning
litházō lith-ad'-zo
3035 KJV: of stone    NAS: stone    HCS: stone
líthinos lith'-ee-nos
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