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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5503 KJV: widow    NAS: widow, widows, widows'    HCS: a widow, was a widow, widow, *, widows, to widows
chḗra khay'-rah
5505 KJV: thousand    NAS: thousand, thousands    HCS: thousands, 5,000, of thousands, *, 7,000
chiliás khil-ee-as'
5506 KJV: chief captain, high captain, captain    NAS: commander, military commanders, commanders    HCS: commander, military commanders, the commanders, of commanders
chilíarchos khil-ee'-ar-khos
5507 KJV: thousand    NAS: thousand, twelve hundred, one thousand    HCS: 1,000, for, *, a thousand
chílioi khil'-ee-oy
5508 KJV: Chios    NAS: Chios    HCS: Chios
Chíos khee'-os
5509 KJV: coat, clothes, garment    NAS: clothes, tunic, shirt, garment, coats, tunics    HCS: an extra shirt, robes, tunic, which, shirt, garment, shirts, him the robes
chitṓn khee-tone'
5510 KJV: snow    NAS: snow    HCS: snow
chiṓn khee-one'
5511 KJV: robe    NAS: robe    HCS: robe, military robe
chlamýs khlam-ooce'
5513 KJV: lukewarm    NAS: lukewarm    HCS: lukewarm
chliarós khlee-ar-os'
5514 KJV: Chloe    NAS: Chloe's    HCS: members of Chloe's
Chlóē khlo'-ay
5515 KJV: green, pale    NAS: green, green thing, ashen    HCS: green, the green, a pale green
chlōrós khlo-ros'
5516 KJV: six hundred threescore and six
chx stigma khee xee stig'-ma
5517 KJV: earthly    NAS: earthy    HCS: man made of dust, are made of dust, and made of dust
choïkós kho-ik-os'
5518 KJV: measure    NAS: quart, quarts    HCS: quarts, A quart
choînix khoy'-nix
5519 KJV: swine    NAS: swine    HCS: pigs, of pigs
choîros khoy-'ros
5520 KJV: be angry    NAS: angry    HCS: are you angry
choláō khol-ah'-o
5521 KJV: gall    NAS: gall    HCS: poisoned, gall
cholḗ khol-ay'
5522 KJV: dust    HCS: dust
chóos kho'-os
5523 KJV: Chorazin    NAS: Chorazin    HCS: Chorazin
Chorazín khor-ad-zin'
5524 KJV: minister, give    NAS: supplies, supply    HCS: provides, will provide
chorēgéō khor-ayg-eh'-o
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