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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4449 KJV: be red    NAS: red    HCS: is red
pyrrházō poor-hrad'-zo
4450 KJV: red    NAS: red    HCS: son of Pyrrhus, a fiery red, fiery red
pyrrhós poor-hros'
4451 KJV: fiery trial, burning    NAS: fiery ordeal, burning    HCS: fiery ordeal, burning
pýrōsis poo'-ro-sis
-pō po
4453 KJV: be sold, sell    NAS: dealers, sells, sold, selling, sell    HCS: that is sold, thing: Sell, should sell, who sell, sell, selling, who were selling, sells, people selling, sold, Sell
pōléō po-leh'-o
4454 KJV: colt    NAS: colt    HCS: a young donkey, colt, a donkey's, donkey, young donkey, a colt
pōlos po'-los
4455 KJV: yet never + (3762), never + (3364), at any time, never    NAS: any time, yet...ever, yet, never    HCS: we have never, again, has ever, at any time
pṓpote po'-pot-e
4456 KJV: blind, harden    NAS: hardened    HCS: were hardened, hardened, were closed
pōróō po-ro'-o
4457 KJV: blindness, hardness    NAS: hardening, hardness    HCS: hardening, hardness
pṓrōsis po'-ro-sis
4458 KJV: not tr, haply, perhaps, be any means, by some means    NAS: perhaps, somehow    HCS: that perhaps, *, so that, I can somehow, it is somehow
-pṓs poce
4459 KJV: after what manner, how, by what means, that    NAS: what, how, why    HCS: what, how, Why, how, But how, *, In what way, and see how, Or how, mdash; how, How
pōs poce
4776 KJV: make sit together, be set down together    NAS: sat down together, seated    HCS: sat down together, seated
synkathízō soong-kath-id'-zo
5237 KJV: wink at    NAS: overlooked    HCS: having overlooked
hypereídō hoop-er-i'-do
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