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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

61 KJV: draught    NAS: catch    HCS: a catch, catch
ágra ag'-rah
62 KJV: unlearned    NAS: uneducated    HCS: uneducated
agrámmatos ag-ram-mat-os
63 KJV: abide in the field    NAS: staying out in the fields    HCS: fields
agrauléō ag-row-leh'-o
64 KJV: catch    NAS: trap    HCS: trap
agreúō ag-rew-'o
65 KJV: wild olive tree, olive tree which is wild    NAS: wild olive tree, what, wild olive    HCS: a wild olive branch, wild olive
agriélaios ag-ree-el'-ah-yos
66 KJV: raging, wild    NAS: wild    HCS: wild
ágrios ag'-ree-os
67 KJV: Agrippa    NAS: Agrippa    HCS: Agrippa
Agríppas ag-rip'-pas
68 KJV: country, land, piece of ground, farm, field    NAS: piece of land, country, farms, farm, fields, tract of land, countryside, field    HCS: a field, farm, the field, the country, Field, fields, countryside, field
agrós ag-ros'
69 KJV: watch    NAS: alert, keep on the alert, keep watch    HCS: be alert, Be alert, stay alert, they keep watch
agrypnéō ag-roop-neh'-o
70 KJV: watching    NAS: sleepless nights, sleeplessness    HCS: sleepless nights
agrypnía ag-roop-nee'-ah
71 KJV: lead, bring, bring forth, misc, go    NAS: going, lead, led, leads, taking, go, brought, session, bring, bringing, arrest, led away, took away    HCS: in bringing, will bring, you used to be led off, it's, Bring, They brought, took, was led, He was led, they brought, those led, in, is intended to lead, m bringing, they led, s go, he took, they arrest, purpose of taking, led Him away, to be brought in, was brought in, to be taken, led along, they took, s leave, him he brought, he might bring, you brought, he brought, bring, to bring, you have brought, and brought, be brought, and he brought, are in session, brought, you are led, me to bring, them and bring, led away
ágō ag'-o
72 KJV: manner of life    NAS: conduct    HCS: conduct
agōgḗ ag-o-gay'
73 KJV: fight, race, conflict, contention    NAS: fight, opposition, conflict, struggle, race    HCS: fight, struggle, race, opposition, a struggle
agṓn ag-one'
74 KJV: agony    NAS: agony    HCS: anguish
agōnía ag-o-nee'-ah
75 KJV: strive, fight, labour fervently    NAS: strive, fighting, fight, fought, striving, laboring earnestly, competes in the games    HCS: Fight, I have fought, would fight, who competes, striving, strive, contending, Make every effort
agōnízomai ag-o-nid'-zom-ahee
76 KJV: Adam    NAS: Adam    HCS: of Adam's, son of Adam, Adam
Adám ad-am'
77 KJV: without charge    NAS: without charge    HCS: it free of charge
adápanos ad-ap'-an-os
78 KJV: Addi    NAS: Addi    HCS: son of Addi
Addí ad-dee'
79 KJV: sister    NAS: sister, believing, sisters    HCS: by a Christian, sister, sisters, our sister, s sister, a sister
adelphḗ ad-el-fay'
80 KJV: brother's way, brethren, brother, brother's    NAS: brethren, brother, believing husband, brother's, brothers    HCS: Therefore, brothers, Brothers, believers, to be a believer, of the brothers, the conclusion, brothers, brother, brother's, believer, the brother, your brothers, husband, to believers, when some brothers, A brother, our brothers, a brother, Brother, our brother, and it was her brother, brothers
adelphós ad-el-fos'
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