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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1121 KJV: scripture, letter, written + (1722), writing, learning, bill    NAS: writings, letters, letter, bill, learning    HCS: the Scriptures, letters, Scriptures, letter, the letter, letter of the law, writings, invoice, any letters, of the letter, study
grámma gram'-mah
1122 KJV: townclerk, scribe    NAS: scribe, town clerk, scribes    HCS: the scribes, city clerk, scribes, is the scholar, student of Scripture, scribe
grammateús gram-mat-yooce'
1123 KJV: written    NAS: written    HCS: is written
graptós grap-tos'
1124 KJV: scripture    NAS: Scriptures, Scripture    HCS: use of the Scriptures, Scriptures, of Scripture, Scripture, of the Scriptures
graphḗ graf-ay'
1125 KJV: describe, writing, write    NAS: written, read, sent this letter, wrote, writing, writes, write    HCS: us to write, what is written, things that are written, Yet I am writing, to write, They wrote, was written, I have written, in writing, I wrote, it written, they were written, is written, down, with writing, things to write, write, I am writing, wrote, I write, that is written, and started writing, that would be written, you wrote, He wrote, this is written, anything to be written, what was written, written, me to write, been written, lettered, is inscribed, are written, are writing, writing, The inscription, is it written, that had been written, It is written, To write, I will write, it has been written, it down, it is written, keeping with what is written, has written, I were writing, and continued writing, we are writing, that are written, I use as I write, Write, writes
gráphō graf'-o
1126 KJV: old wife    NAS: old women, fit only    HCS: silly
graṓdēs grah-o'-dace
1127 KJV: wake, watch, be vigilant    NAS: stay on the alert, alert, keep watching, keeping alert, awake, wake, keep watch, keep, stays awake    HCS: be alert, we must stay awake, have stayed alert, Be alert, one who is alert, we are awake, stay alert, you stay awake, stay awake, alert, be on the alert, Stay awake
grēgoreúō gray-gor-yoo'-o
1128 KJV: exercise    NAS: trained, discipline    HCS: have been trained, train, trained, who have been trained
gymnázō goom-nad'-zo
1129 KJV: exercise    NAS: discipline    HCS: training
gymnasía goom-nas-ee'-ah
1130 KJV: be naked    NAS: poorly clothed    HCS: we are poorly clothed
gymnēteúō goom-nayt-yoo'-o
1131 KJV: bare, naked    NAS: bare, naked, open, stripped, without clothing    HCS: I was naked, stripped, only, things are naked, without clothes, his naked, naked
gymnós goom-nos'
1132 KJV: nakedness    NAS: exposure, nakedness    HCS: lacking clothing, nakedness
gymnótēs goom-not'-ace
1133 KJV: silly woman    NAS: weak women    HCS: idle women
gynaikárion goo-nahee-kar'-ee-on
1134 KJV: wife    NAS: woman    HCS: wives
gynaikeîos goo-nahee-ki'-os
1135 KJV: women, wife    NAS: women, wife, wives, bride, wife's, woman, woman's    HCS:
gynḗ goo-nay'
1137 KJV: quarter, corner    NAS: corners, corner    HCS: *, a corner, corners
gōnía go-nee'-ah
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