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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

81 KJV: brotherhood, brethren    NAS: brotherhood, brethren    HCS: brotherhood, fellow
adelphótēs ad-el-fot'-ace
82 KJV: appear not, uncertain    NAS: concealed, indistinct    HCS: an unclear, unmarked
ádēlos ad'-ay-los
83 KJV: uncertain    NAS: uncertainty    HCS: the uncertainty
adēlótēs ad-ay-lot'-ace
84 KJV: uncertainly    NAS: without aim    HCS: one who runs aimlessly
adḗlōs ad-ay'-loce
85 KJV: be very heavy, be full of heaviness    NAS: distressed, troubled    HCS: deeply distressed, was distressed, horrified
adēmonéō ad-ay-mon-eh'-o
86 KJV: grave, hell    NAS: Hades    HCS: Hades, of Hades
háidēs hah'-dace
87 KJV: without partiality    NAS: unwavering    HCS: without favoritism and hypocrisy
adiákritos ad-ee-ak'-ree-tos
88 KJV: continual, without ceasing    NAS: unceasing, constantly    HCS: continual, I constantly
adiáleiptos ad-ee-al'-ipe-tos
89 KJV: without ceasing    NAS: constantly, unceasingly, without ceasing    HCS: you constantly, constantly, I constantly
adialeíptōs ad-ee-al-ipe'-toce
90 KJV: from a derivative of a compound of 1 (as a negative particle) and a derivative of    HCS: with integrity
adiaphthoría ad-ee-af-thor-ee'-ah
91 KJV: take wrong, do wrong, be an offender, injure, suffer wrong, be unjust, wrong, hurt    NAS: wrong...done, offended, damage, am a wrongdoer, do wrong, does wrong, done...wrong, injure, do harm, wrong, hurt, doing...wrong, wronged, harm, treated unjustly, injuring, offender    HCS: will ever harm, one who did wrong, in unrighteousness, one who was mistreating, act unjustly, We have wronged, wrong, are you mistreating, put up with injustice, unrighteous, wronged, harm, to harm, they inflict injury, wrongdoer, suffering, one who was wronged, wrong he has done, I am doing wrong, be harmed, of them being mistreated, he has wronged
adikéō ad-ee-keh'-o
92 KJV: iniquity, evil doing, matter of wrong    NAS: misdeed, wrong, iniquities    HCS: wrongdoing, crimes, matter of a crime
adíkēma ad-eek'-ay-mah
93 KJV: iniquity, wrong, unrighteousness, unjust    NAS: doing wrong, unrighteousness, wrong, injustice, unrighteous, iniquity, evildoers, iniquities, wickedness    HCS: wrongdoing, Is there injustice, by iniquity, unrighteousness, wrong, unrighteous, harm, for unrighteousness, of unrighteousness, unjust
adikía ad-ee-kee'-ah
94 KJV: unjust, unrighteous    NAS: wicked, unrighteous, unjust    HCS: the unrighteous, unrighteous, whoever is unrighteous, unjust
ádikos ad'-ee-kos
95 KJV: wrongfully    NAS: unjustly    HCS: unjustly
adíkōs ad-ee'-koce
96 KJV: rejected, reprobate, castaway    NAS: unapproved, disqualified, depraved, worthless, rejected, fail the test    HCS: it is worthless, disqualified, a worthless, worthless, to fail, you fail the test, fail the test
adókimos ad-ok'-ee-mos
97 KJV: sincere    NAS: pure    HCS: pure
ádolos ad'-ol-os
98 KJV: Adramyttium    NAS: Adramyttian    HCS: of Adramyttium
Adramyttēnós ad-ram-oot-tay-nos'
99 KJV: Adria    NAS: Adriatic    HCS: Adriatic Sea
Adrías ad-ree'-as
100 KJV: abundance    NAS: generous gift    HCS: large sum
hadrótēs had-rot'-ace
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