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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5298 KJV: withdrew + (2258), go aside    NAS: slip away, withdrew    HCS: often withdrew, and withdrew
hypochōréō hoop-okh-o-reh'-o
5299 KJV: keep under, weary    NAS: wear, discipline    HCS: out, I discipline
hypōpiázō hoop-o-pee-ad'-zo
5300 KJV: sow    NAS: sow    HCS: a sow
hŷs hoos
5301 KJV: hyssop    NAS: hyssop    HCS: hyssop
hýssōpos hoos'-so-pos
5302 KJV: want, be behind, fail, be destitute, come short, lack, misc, come behind, be in want    NAS: impoverished, destitute, suffering need, comes short, lacking, need, come short, fall short, inferior, am...lacking, lack, ran, lacked, worse    HCS: destitute, in need, fall short, had nothing, inferior, falls short, less honorable, lack, ran out, should miss, did you lack
hysteréō hoos-ter-eh'-o
5303 KJV: want, which is lacking, lack, penury, which is behind    NAS: what was lacking, poverty, lacking, needs, need, what is lacking, what was deficient    HCS: our need, needs, poverty, what was lacking, need, absence, is lacking
hystérēma hoos-ter'-ay-mah
5304 KJV: want    NAS: want, poverty    HCS: poverty, need
hystérēsis hoos-ter'-ay-sis
5305 KJV: at the last, last, last of all, afterward    NAS: later, last, afterward, afterwards    HCS: After, Later, last, later, Finally, Later on, then
hýsteron hoos'-ter-on
5306 KJV: latter    NAS: later, finally, then    HCS: later
hýsteros hoos'-ter-os
5307 KJV: woven    NAS: woven    HCS: woven
hyphantós hoo-fan-tos'
5308 KJV: highly esteemed, higher, high, high things    NAS: uplifted, highly esteemed, exalted, conceited, high, haughty    HCS: *, a mighty, high, a high, what is highly admired, be arrogant, exalted above
hypsēlós hoop-say-los'
5309 KJV: be highminded    NAS: conceited    HCS: to be arrogant
hypsēlophronéō hoop-say-lo-fron-eh'-o
5310 KJV: highest, most high    NAS: highest, most high    HCS: Most High, highest, of the Most High, the highest
hýpsistos hoop'-sis-tos
5311 KJV: height, be exalted, high, on high    NAS: height, high position, high    HCS: height, exaltation, high, on high
hýpsos hoop'-sos
5312 KJV: lift up, exalt    NAS: exalted, lift, exalts, lifted, made...great, exalt    HCS: who exalts, will you be exalted, since He has been exalted, I am lifted up, be lifted up, you lift up, exalted, He may exalt, exalts, lifted up, He will exalt, might be exalted, will be exalted
hypsóō hoop-so'-o
5313 KJV: height, high thing    NAS: lofty thing, height    HCS: minded thing, height
hýpsōma hoop'-so-mah
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