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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1 KJV: chief, principal, fatherless + (0369), desire, forefathers + (07223), patrimony, father, families, prince    NAS: forefather, fathers', households, grandfather, ancestors, forefathers, father's, sons, Huram-abi, fathers' households, father, Father, grandfathers, family, fathers    HCS: in his, was the father, households, the ancestral, considers his father, s father, Fathers, him, The fathers, and the father, ancestor's, of an ancestral, grandfather, them, of fathers, predecessors, responds to his father's, family, of families, grandfather's, his father, of the fathers, Eternal Father, who were family, ancestors, the family, Father, is the father, who fathered, to his father, each ancestral, am a father, the ancestor, to a father's, would he, father's, Arba was the father, The father, ancestral, of the tribal, of each ancestral, was a father, father, for the fathers, lay the fathers, families, of their ancestral, their father's, a father, from fathers, *, was father, ancestor, an ancestral, are the family, of the families, fathered, he, that he, the father, their fathers, He was the father, the fathers, fathers, bringing the consequences of the fathers
'âb awb
2 KJV: father    NAS: father, fathers    HCS: predecessor, *, fathers
'ab ab
3 KJV: fruits, greenness    NAS: green, blossoms    HCS: shoots, the blossoms
'êb abe
4 KJV: fruit    NAS: fruit    HCS: fruit
'êb abe
5 KJV: Abagtha    NAS: Abagtha    HCS: Abagtha
'ăbagthâ' ab-ag-thaw'
6 KJV: undone, perish, destruction, fail, void, take, broken, utterly, spendeth, surely, flee, destroy, lose, escape    NAS: obliterate, wiped, annihilated, utterly destroy, surely perish, destruction, lacking, dying, no, broken, take, perished, makes to perish, corrupts, wandering, destroyed, been lost, make vanish, destroy, annihilate, lost, perish, destroying, give up as lost, fail, ruined, perishing, destroys, wastes, fails, perishes    HCS: You have been destroyed, destruction, wreck, pass away, perished, They perish, destroyed, he will vanish, people have vanished, wandered off, to perish, lost, to annihilate, wipe out, was lost, re lost, will destroy, Wipe out, had destroyed, You destroy, they have destroyed, has perished, wiping out, The dying, that wandered away, will not perish, vanishes, are destroyed, I destroyed, has been destroyed, die, eliminate, you will perish, will perish, He will silence, I will destroy, men will vanish, there is no, have perished, will also perish, banished, Destroy, one who is dying, one perishes, He has destroyed, fails, will be impossible, you have perished, will lose, anyone dying, There will cease to be, leads to ruin, extermination, will be cut off, lacking, I perish, man will come to nothing, You have destroyed, disappear, I will slaughter, the slaughter, let us perish, be forgotten, You will wipe, they will be destroyed, is lost, disappeared, can destroy, will fail, perish, will be destroyed, man who perishes, was a wandering, You will perish, let them perish, comes to nothing, would perish, perishes, is devastated, dies, you will wipe out, he will destroy, they perish, *, I will eliminate, broken, a lost, You have wiped out, is about to destroy, destroy, annihilate, who destroy, I would have died, count as lost, be lost, you will certainly perish, they vanished, destroys, and destroying, had left
'âbad aw-bad'
7 KJV: to destroy, to perish    NAS: destroyed, destroy, perish    HCS: destroyed, will perish, kill, *, destroy, be killed
'ăbad ab-ad'
8 KJV: perish    NAS: destruction    HCS: destruction, is destruction
'ôbêd o-bade'
9 KJV: that which was lost, lost thing    NAS: what was lost, lost, lost thing    HCS: has lost, lost item, something lost, else lost
'ăbêdâh ab-ay-daw'
10 KJV: destruction    HCS: Abaddon
'ăbaddôh ab-ad-do'
11 KJV: destruction    NAS: Abaddon    HCS: Abaddon
'ăbaddôn ab-ad-done'
12 KJV: destruction    NAS: destruction, destroying    HCS: destroying
'abdân ab-dawn'
13 KJV: destruction    HCS: the destruction
'obdân ob-dawn'
14 KJV: would, willing, will, rest content, consent    NAS: want, would, yield, unwilling, refuse, refused, satisfied, willing, would...accept, obey, consent    HCS: want, willing, agree, obey, I would, would, yield, be willing, he would, be persuaded, *, agreed, accept, they would, you are willing
'âbâh aw-baw'
15 KJV: desire    HCS: My father, If only
'âbeh aw-beh'
16 KJV: swift    NAS: reed    HCS: made of papyrus
'êbeh ay-beh'
17 KJV: sorrow    NAS: sorrow    HCS: sorrow
'ăbôy ab-o'ee
18 KJV: crib    NAS: manger    HCS: the feeding trough, feeding trough
'êbûs ay-booce'
19 KJV: point (of the sword)    NAS: glittering    HCS: for slaughter
'ibchâh ib-khaw'
20 KJV: melons    NAS: melons    HCS: melons
'ăbaṭṭı̂yach ab-at-tee'-akh
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