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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1341 KJV: proud    HCS: proud
gê' gay'
1342 KJV: risen, triumph, grow up, gloriously, increase    NAS: risen, highly exalted, lifted, grow    HCS: had risen, He is highly exalted, *, I am proud, grow
gâ'âh gaw-aw'
1343 KJV: proud    NAS: who is proud, pride, proud    HCS: The proud, that is proud, of the proud, the proud, pride, proud
ge'eh gay-eh'
1344 KJV: pride    NAS: pride and arrogance    HCS: pride
gê'âh gay-aw'
1345 KJV: Geuel    NAS: Geuel    HCS: Geuel
ge'û'êl gheh-oo-ale'
1346 KJV: haughtiness, arrogancy, proudly, highness, excellency, proud, swelling, pride    NAS: haughtiness, arrogance, swelling pride, proudly, majesty, back, proud, pride    HCS: arrogance, haughtiness, boast, turmoil, majesty, *, proud, The proud, the insolence, triumph, pride, of the arrogant, His pride
ga'ăvâh gah-av-aw'
1347 KJV: arrogancy, majesty, excellency, proud, excellent, pomp, swelling, pride    NAS: arrogance, majestic, majesty, proud, splendor, eminence, pomp, excellence, thickets, glory, pride, redemption, thicket    HCS: arrogance, its glorious, The pride, of the pride, Pride, the Pride, the majesty, majestic, majesty, the majestic, the thickets, will be the pride, to the pride, arrogant, proud, splendor, were proud, pride, yourself with majesty, the pride
gâ'ôn gaw-ohn'
1348 KJV: proudly, majesty, excellent things, raging, lifting up, pride    NAS: proudly, majesty, proud, excellent things, swelling, column    HCS: glorious things, *, to the majestic, in a column, The majestic, the majesty, in majesty, raging
gê'ûth gay-ooth'
1349 KJV: proud    NAS: proud    HCS: the proud
ga'ăyôn gah-ah-yone'
1350 KJV: avenger, redeemer, redeem, at all, stain, kinsfolks, ransom, purchase, kinsman's part, deliver, revenger, kinsman, wise    NAS: wishes to redeem, closest relative, redeems, redeemed, bought back, close relative, Redeemer, relative, redeemer, buy back, avenger, relatives, redeem, claim, ever wish to redeem, kinsman, closest relatives, rescue    HCS: a redeemer, kinsmen, are a family redeemer, He redeems, you want to redeem, The avenger, has redeemed, the one who brought it decides to redeem, you will be redeemed, redemption, the avenger, Let him redeem, be redeemed, redeemer, relative, redeem, want to redeem, can redeem, who has redeemed, Take, You have redeemed, may redeem, Let the redeemed, He redeemed, He will redeem, so that the avenger, I will redeem, and redeem, family redeemers, *, redeems, am a family redeemer, redeemed, reclaim, You redeemed, will, and redeemed, Redeemer, without a family redeemer, family redeemer, will redeem, he may redeem, of the avenger, He has redeemed, redeemable, for the redeemed, The Redeemer, Redeemed, it, do, to receive compensation, I have redeemed, the Redeemer, You redeem, he wants to redeem, decides to redeem, the avenger, the redeemed
gâ'al gaw-al'
1351 KJV: pollute, stain, defile    NAS: unclean, defile, defiled, stained    HCS: to defile, were stained, are defiled, have we defiled, is defiled, defile, they were disqualified, defiled
gâ'al gaw-al'
1352 KJV: defile    NAS: defiled    HCS: defiling
gô'el go'-el
1353 KJV: redeem, right, redemption, redeem + (04672), again, kindred    NAS: redemption rights, right of redemption, redemption, redemption right    HCS: The right to redeem, the redemption, redemption, of redemption, who have the right to redeem, right of redemption, redemption price, the right to redeem, to redeem, the right of redemption
ge'ûllâh gheh-ool-law'
1354 KJV: higher place, back, naves, bosses, rings, bodies, backs, eyebrows, eminent place    NAS: massive, defenses, rims, base, back, shrines, backs, shrine, eyebrows    HCS: studded, rims, a mound, defenses, mounds, back, is the base, mound, backs, eyebrows
gab gab
1355 KJV: back    NAS: back    HCS: back
gab gab
1356 KJV: pit, ditch, beam    NAS: beams, cisterns, full of trenches    HCS: ditch, the cisterns, with boards, *
gêb gabe
1357 KJV: locust    HCS: of locusts
gêb gabe
1358 KJV: den    NAS: den    HCS: den
gôb gobe
1359 KJV: Gob    NAS: Gob    HCS: Gob
gôb, gôb gobe, gobe'
1360 KJV: marishes, pit    NAS: cistern    HCS: a cistern, marshes
gebe' geh'-beh
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