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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2061 KJV: wolf    NAS: wolves, wolf    HCS: A wolf, are wolves, wolves, The wolf, is a wolf
ze'êb zeh-abe'
2062 KJV: Zeeb    NAS: Zeeb    HCS: the winepress of Zeeb, Zeeb
ze'êb zeh-abe'
2063 KJV: herein, that, thus, the same, herewith, such, her, this    HCS: the, with such, Is this, these, all this, Things, that, This, to do this, Let this, the same, they would figure it, is this, has it, with this, of the, their unfaithfulness, Since this, this, burn this, should this, in this, Can this, did this, have found this, such, Accept this, am about to hand this, These, that this, to this, and that, of this, *, same, she, and this, the other, let this, her, for this, In this way, of such, Has anything like this, it, The first woman, one of these, must I endure this, its plain. This, set this, Write this, does this, It's
zô'th zothe'
2064 KJV: endue    NAS: endowed    HCS: has given
zâbad zaw-bad'
2065 KJV: dowry    NAS: gift    HCS: gift
zebed zeh'-bed
2066 KJV: Zabad    NAS: Zabad    HCS: Zabad, were Zabad
zâbâd zaw-bawd'
2067 KJV: Zabdi    NAS: Zabdi    HCS: of Zabdi, Zabdi
zabdı̂y zab-dee'
2068 KJV: Zabdiel    NAS: Zabdiel    HCS: of Zabdiel, Zabdiel
zabdı̂y'êl zab-dee-ale'
2069 KJV: Zebadiah    NAS: Zebadiah    HCS: Zebadiah
zebadyâh, zebadyâhû zeb-ad-yaw', zeb-ad-yaw'-hoo
2070 KJV: fly    NAS: fly, flies    HCS: fly, flies
zebûb zeb-oob'
2071 KJV: Zabud    NAS: Zabud    HCS: Zabud
zâbûd zaw-bood'
2072 KJV: Zabbud    NAS: Zabbud
zabbûd zab-bood'
2073 KJV: dwelling, to dwell in, habitation    NAS: places, lofty, habitation    HCS: their lofty residence, an exalted, lofty abode, lofty home
zebûl, zebûl ze-bool', zeb-ool'
2074 KJV: Zebulun    NAS: Zebulun    HCS: of Zebulun's, far as Zebulun, *, Zebulun's, will be Zebulun, of Zebulun, Zebulun
zebûlûn, zebûlûn, zebûlûn zeb-oo-loon', zeb-oo-loon', zeb-oo-loon'
2075 KJV: Zebulunite, Zebulonite    NAS: Zebulunites, Zebulunite    HCS: who was from Zebulun, Zebulunite
zebûlônı̂y zeb-oo-lo-nee'
2076 KJV: offer, kill, sacrifice, slay    NAS: made, slaughtered, offer, offering, sacrifice, offer sacrifices, sacrificing, offers a sacrifice, offering sacrifices, offered, offered sacrifice, sacrificed, sacrifices, slaughter, offer a sacrifice, offer to a sacrifice    HCS: made, also sacrificed, I will offer, who had sacrificed, offer, they offered, was offering, they sacrifice, sacrifice, you offer, he offered, he will sacrifice, who offer, offered sacrifices, we sacrifice, Let them offer, He sacrificed, and butcher, offered, They sacrificed, Sacrifice, they can sacrifice, They sacrifice, you sacrifice, sacrificed, He slaughtered, They kept sacrificing, they sacrificed, Offer, were sacrificing, who was sacrificing, what we will sacrifice, make sacrifices, sacrifice, slaughtered, he sacrificed, who sacrifices, you are to sacrifice, Though they offer, am slaughtering, sacrificing, were offering, Will they offer sacrifices, offering sacrifices, I will sacrifice, offered a sacrifice, make, we may sacrifice, and sacrifice, sacrifices, one who sacrifices, who sacrifice, have been offering, Whoever sacrifices, offer a sacrifice, they offer, have been sacrificing, one sacrifices, you may slaughter
zâbach zaw-bakh'
2077 KJV: offer, sacrifice, offerings    NAS: offer, sacrifice, feasting, sacrificial, sacrifices, slaughter    HCS: of sacrifice, as a sacrifice, sacrifice, feasting, s a sacrifice, either sacrifice, the sacrifice, acceptable sacrifices, The sacrifice, offering, is holding a sacrifice, the sacrifices, was it sacrifices, a sacrifice, offerings, sacrificial, other sacrifices, it will be a sacrifice, to sacrifice, sacrifices, in sacrifice, sacrificial feast
zebach zeh'-bakh
2078 KJV: Zebah    NAS: Zebah    HCS: Zebah, are Zebah, has handed Zebah
zebach zeh'-bakh
2079 KJV: Zabbai    NAS: Zabbai    HCS: of Zabbai, Zabbai
zabbay zab-bah'ee
2080 KJV: Zebudah    NAS: Zebidah    HCS: was Zebidah
zebı̂ydâh zeb-ee-daw'
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