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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3334 KJV: be in straits, be straitened, vexed, distressed, be narrow
yâtsar yaw-tsar'
4704 KJV: little
mitstse‛ı̂yrâh mits-tseh-ee-raw'
6627 KJV: that cometh out of, that which cometh from thee    NAS: excrement, dung    HCS: excrement
tsâ'âh tsaw-aw'
6628 KJV: shady trees    NAS: lotus plants    HCS: Lotus plants, the lotus plants
tse'el tseh'-el
6629 KJV: sheep + (04480), shepherd + (07462), lamb, cattle, lamb + (01121), sheepshearers + (01494), sheepcotes + (01448), sheepfold + (04356), sheepfold + (01448), flock, sheep    NAS: Sheep, lambs, flocks, sheepshearers, flock, sheep, sheepfolds    HCS: a flock, for sheep, the sheep, flock's, flock, sheep, of sheep, of the flocks, both flocks, sheep and goats, from the flock, lambs, the flocks, females, the flock of sheep, Sheep, the flock, *, and goats, for flocks, of flocks, flocks, an animal from the flock, herd, with flocks
tsô'n, tse'ôn tsone, tseh-one'
6630 KJV: Zaanan    NAS: Zaanan    HCS: of Zaanan
tsa'ănân tsah-an-awn'
6631 KJV: which cometh out, offspring, that cometh forth    NAS: crops, descendants, springs, offspring    HCS: what comes, crops, that comes, posterity, the offspring, offspring, descendants
tse'ĕtsâ' tseh-ets-aw'
6632 KJV: tortoise, covered (wagon), litter    NAS: great lizard, litters, covered    HCS: of large lizard, litters, covered
tsâb tsawb
6633 KJV: fight, warred, assemble, perform, wait, mustered    NAS: war, gone to war, perform, served, made war, wage war, mustered, serving women served    HCS: fight, have warred, perform, who served, who fought, who go to battle, going out to battle, the attackers, who enlisted, served, They waged war
tsâbâ' tsaw-baw'
6634 KJV: will, his will    NAS: desired, wishes, will, wished    HCS: He wants, wants, he wanted, I wanted
tsebâ' tseb-aw'
6635 KJV: warfare, battle, war, company, soldiers, army, service, appointed time, host, misc    NAS: hosts, warfare, battle, most, armies, trained, hosts is the army, combat, war, struggle, army, conflict, service, host, forced to labor, hardship    HCS: troops, the array, the divisions, the service, stars, military, conflict, of Hosts, Hardships, for war, an army, of the armies, division, armies, forces, the military divisions, his service, military divisions, in the army, the starry host, one army, of all, The hosts, divisions, hosts, consigned to forced labor, to war, struggle, of the host, service, the military, military division, The military divisions, of the army, *, the host, the army, war, time of forced labor, bodies, the stars, company, army, host, the division, a host, were army
tsâbâ', tsebâ'âh tsaw-baw', tseb-aw-aw'
6636 KJV: Zeboim, Zeboiim    NAS: Zeboiim    HCS: of Zeboiim, Zeboiim
tsebô'ı̂ym, tsebı̂yı̂ym, tsebı̂yim tseb-o-eem', tseb-ee-yeem', tseb-ee-yeem'
6638 KJV: fight, swell    NAS: swell    HCS: to swell, will swell
tsâbâh tsaw-baw'
6639 KJV: swell    NAS: swell    HCS: swell
tsâbeh tsaw-beh'
6640 KJV: purpose    NAS: nothing
tsebû tseb-oo'
6641 KJV: speckled    NAS: speckled    HCS: like a hyena
tsâbûa‛ tsaw-boo'-ah
6642 KJV: reached    NAS: served    HCS: he offered
tsâbaṭ tsaw-bat'
6643 KJV: roebuck, glorious, beauty, pleasant, goodly, beautiful, roe, glory    NAS: gazelle, glorious beauty, beauty, Beautiful, beautiful, gazelles, glory    HCS: they would a gazelle, the most beautiful, The Splendor, a gazelle, it were a gazelle, gazelles, the most beautiful, the jewel, splendor, your splendor, the pride, gazelle, the gazelle, beauty, the beautiful, beautiful, of beauty
tsebı̂y tseb-ee'
6644 KJV: Zibia    NAS: Zibia    HCS: Zibia
tsibyâ' tsib-yaw'
6645 KJV: Zibiah    NAS: Zibiah    HCS: was Zibiah
tsibyâh tsib-yaw'

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