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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2909 KJV: bowshot + (07198)    NAS: bowshot    HCS: a bowshot
ṭâchâh taw-khaw'
2910 KJV: inward parts    NAS: innermost being    HCS: inner self, heart
ṭûchâh too-khaw'
2911 KJV: grind    NAS: grinding mill, smeared over    HCS: at millstones
ṭechôn tekh-one'
2912 KJV: grinder, grind    NAS: grinder, ground, grinding, grind    HCS: They ground, grinding, ground, women who grind, forced to grind, grind
ṭâchan taw-khan'
2913 KJV: grinding    NAS: grinding mill    HCS: mill
ṭachănâh takh-an-aw'
2914 KJV: emerods    NAS: tumors    HCS: tumor, tumors, of tumors
ṭechôr tekh-ore'
2915 KJV: daubing    NAS: plaster    HCS: coat of whitewash
ṭı̂yach tee'-akh
2916 KJV: mire, dirt, clay    NAS: mud, mire, clay    HCS: mud, the clay, muck, the mud, clay, the miry mud, the dirt
ṭı̂yṭ teet
2917 KJV: miry    NAS: common
ṭı̂yn teen
2918 KJV: castle, row, palace, habitation    NAS: encampments, camps, rows, battlement, camp    HCS: encampments, walls, parapet, fortification
ṭı̂yrâh tee-raw'
2919 KJV: dew    NAS: dew    HCS: of dew, with dew, a rain, wrung dew, dew, the dew
ṭal tal
2920 KJV: dew    NAS: dew    HCS: dew
ṭal tal
2921 KJV: spotted, clouted, diverse colours    NAS: spotted, patched, various colors    HCS: colorful, the spotted, spotted, patched
ṭâlâ' taw-law'
2922 KJV: lamb
ṭelâ' tel-aw'
2923 KJV: Telaim    NAS: Telaim    HCS: Telaim
ṭelâ'ı̂ym tel-aw-eem'
2924 KJV: lamb    NAS: lamb, lambs    HCS: lamb, the lambs, the lamb
ṭâleh taw-leh'
2925 KJV: captivity    NAS: headlong
ṭalṭêlâh tal-tay-law'
2926 KJV: cover    NAS: covered    HCS: roofed
ṭâlal taw-lal'
2927 KJV: shadow    NAS: found shade    HCS: found shelter
ṭelal tel-al'
2928 KJV: Telem    NAS: Telem    HCS: Telem
ṭelem teh'-lem
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