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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3570 KJV: Cushi    NAS: Cushi    HCS: of Cushi
kûshı̂y koo-shee'
3571 KJV: Ethiopian    NAS: Cushite
kûshı̂yth koo-sheeth'
3572 KJV: Cushan    NAS: Cushan    HCS: of Cushan
kûshân koo-shawn'
3573 KJV: Chushanrishathaim    NAS: Cushan-rishathaim    HCS: him, Cushan-rishathaim, handed over Cushan-rishathaim
kûshan rish‛âthayim koo-shan' rish-aw-thah'-yim
3574 KJV: chains    NAS: prosperity    HCS: prosperity
kôshârâh ko-shaw-raw'
3575 KJV: Cuth, Cuthah    NAS: Cuth, Cuthah    HCS: of Cuth, Cuthah
kûth, kûthâh kooth, koo-thaw'
3576 KJV: fail, lie, liar, vain    NAS: liars, fail, lying, false, lied, proved a liar, prove me a liar, lie, told lies    HCS: run dry, they lied, *, a liar, would I lie, is a liar, proves false, you will be proved a liar, Would I lie, you lied, lie, who lies, deceive
kâzab kaw-zab'
3577 KJV: false, deceitful, lying, leasing, lies + (01697), lie, liar    NAS: lies, lying, false, liar, deception, deceptive, falsehood, lie    HCS: lies, deceitful, lying, speak lying, had lying, *, The lies, A lying, an illusion, is deceptive, who gives false, a lying, to lies, the false, a lie, falsehood
kâzâb kaw-zawb'
3578 KJV: Chozeba    NAS: Cozeba    HCS: of Cozeba
kôzebâ' ko-zeb-aw'
3579 KJV: Cozbi    NAS: Cozbi    HCS: was Cozbi, Cozbi
kozbı̂y koz-bee'
3580 KJV: Chezib    NAS: Chezib    HCS: Chezib
kezı̂yb kez-eeb'
3581 KJV: able, fruits, substance, weary + (03019), wealth, able + (06113), chameleon, strength, force, might, power, powerful, ability    NAS: able, crocodile, mighty, strong, wealth, fruit, strength, mightily, force, powerless, might, powerful, power, ability    HCS: be able, resources, produce, that, their strength, yield, his strength, might, power, his power, in power, could give, weak, monitor lizard, strong, wealth, was the strength, than one of strength, with power, his own strength, The strength, the strength, all his might, *, the power, strength, them. Power, a powerful, your strength, ability, Power, it, have the stamina, force, capable
kôach, kôach ko'-akh, ko'-akh
3582 KJV: cut off, conceal, cut down, hide, desolate    NAS: cut off, completely destroy, annihilated, hid, wipe, perishing, conceal, hides, concealed, hide, blot, desolate, destroyed, hidden, denied    HCS: conceal, I got rid of, suppressed, is hidden, denied, out, in ruined, let what is going astray, hide, and hide, been destroyed, and he conceals, are destroyed, you hide, to be wiped out, who are going astray, go astray, who annihilated, hidden, you would have been obliterated
kâchad kaw-khad'
3583 KJV: paint    NAS: painted    HCS: painted
kâchal kaw-khal'
3584 KJV: liars, fail, submit, submitted, belied, deny, lie, deceive, deal falsely, denied, dissembled    NAS: fail, pretend obedience, lied, deny, deceives, denying, submit, deception, cringe, give feigned obedience, grown lean, deceived, deceive, denied    HCS: lies, it will deny, I would have denied, The old prophet deceived, will cringe, They have contradicted, denied, will fail, deny, by deceiving, lying, submit, is emaciated, grudgingly, lie, deceive, deception, would pretend submission, fails, deceived
kâchash kaw-khash'
3585 KJV: lies, leanness, lying    NAS: lies, leanness    HCS: lies, deceitful, frailty, of lies
kachash kakh'-ash
3586 KJV: lying    NAS: false    HCS: deceptive
kechâsh kekh-awsh'
3587 KJV: burning    NAS: branding    HCS: branding
kı̂y kee
3588 KJV: doubtless, yea, for, that, if, surely, because, except    NAS: seeing, yes, yet, since, more of her than, much more, if, certainly, rather i indeed, or, inasmuch, soon, also, so, only, what, although, whenever, how, event, rather, though, even, more than, even though, still, case, nevertheless, surely, indeed, nor, moreover, much, except, when, Yea, last, either, without, than, unless, while, until, now, then, truly, because, more, however    HCS:
kı̂y kee
3589 KJV: destruction    NAS: decay
kı̂yd keed
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