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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

916 KJV: be charged, be burdened, be pressed, be heavy    NAS: weighted down, overcome, heavy, burdened    HCS: be burdened, overwhelmed, *, burdened
baréō bar-eh'-o
917 KJV: dully    NAS: scarcely    HCS: are hard of hearing, are hard
baréōs bar-eh'-oce
918 KJV: Bartholomew    NAS: Bartholomew    HCS: Bartholomew
Bartholomaîos bar-thol-om-ah'-yos
919 KJV: Barjesus    NAS: Bar-Jesus    HCS: Bar-Jesus
Bariēsoûs bar-ee-ay-sooce'
920 KJV: Barjona    NAS: Barjona    HCS: son of Jonah
Bariōnâs bar-ee-oo-nas'
921 KJV: Barnabas    NAS: Barnabas, Barnabas'    HCS: Barnabas's, Barnabas, do Barnabas
Barnábas bar-nab'-as
922 KJV: burden, weight, burdensome + (1722)    NAS: burdens, burden, asserted, weight, authority    HCS: burdens, a burden, burden, weight
báros bar'-os
923 KJV: Judas, Joseph    NAS: Barsabbas    HCS: Barsabbas
Barsabâs bar-sab-as'
924 KJV: Bartimaeus    NAS: Bartimaeus    HCS: Bartimaeus
Bartimaîos bar-tim-ah'-yos
925 KJV: be overcharged
barýnō bar-oo'-no
926 KJV: grievous, weighter, heavy, weighty    NAS: weightier provisions, burdensome, heavy, weighty, savage, serious    HCS: a burden, more important, heavy, are weighty, savage, serious
barýs bar-ooce'
927 KJV: very precious    NAS: very costly    HCS: of very expensive
barýtimos bar-oo'-tim-os
928 KJV: pain, toss, vex, torment, toil    NAS: straining, pain, battered, torment, tormented, felt...tormented    HCS: He will be tormented, they will be tormented, brought judgment to, to torment, battered, being battered, torment, man tormented, agony
basanízō bas-an-id'-zo
929 KJV: torment    NAS: torment    HCS: the torment, torment
basanismós bas-an-is-mos'
930 KJV: tormentor    NAS: torturers    HCS: jailers
basanistḗs bas-an-is-tace'
931 KJV: torment    NAS: torment, pains    HCS: of torment, intense pains, torment
básanos bas'-an-os
932 KJV: the kingdom, kingdom (of God), His kingdom, kingdom (of heaven), (My) kingdom, kingdom (general or evil), misc, (Thy or Thine) kingdom    NAS: kingdoms, kingdom, reigns    HCS: an empire, authority to be king, good news of the kingdom, the kingdom, kingdoms, kingdom, of the kingdom, a kingdom
basileía bas-il-i'-ah
933 KJV: king's court + (3588)    NAS: royal palaces    HCS: royal palaces
basíleion bas-il'-i-on
934 KJV: royal    NAS: royal    HCS: a royal
basíleios bas-il'-i-os
935 KJV: King (of Jews), King (of Israel), king, King (God or Christ)    NAS: KING OF KINGS, kings', king, kings, king's, King of kings    HCS: meaning king, of kings, a king, the King, *, under King, king, kings, King, a King, king's, OF KINGS, for a king, to the Emperor, KING, Emperor, of King, When King, Him king, to a king
basileús bas-il-yooce'
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