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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

4539 KJV: Salome    NAS: Salome    HCS: Salome
Salṓmē sal-o'-may
4540 KJV: Samaria    NAS: Samaria    HCS: of Samaria, Samaritan, in Samaria, Samaria
Samáreia sam-ar'-i-ah
4541 KJV: Samaritans    NAS: Samaritan, Samaritans    HCS: Samaritan, a Samaritan, Samaritans, of the Samaritans
Samareítēs sam-ar-i'-tace
4542 KJV: Samaria    NAS: Samaritan    HCS: a Samaritan, *
Samareîtis sam-ar-i'-tis
4543 KJV: Samothracia    NAS: Samothrace    HCS: Samothrace
Samothráikē sam-oth-rak'-ay
4544 KJV: Samos    NAS: Samos    HCS: Samos
Sámos sam'-os
4545 KJV: Samuel    NAS: Samuel    HCS: Samuel
Samouḗl sam-oo-ale'
4546 KJV: Samson    NAS: Samson    HCS: Samson
Sampsṓn samp-sone'
4547 KJV: sandal    NAS: sandals    HCS: sandals
sandálion san-dal'-ee-on
4548 KJV: board    NAS: planks    HCS: planks
sanís san-ece'
4549 KJV: Saul (Paul), Saul (son of Cis)    NAS: Saul    HCS: Saul
Saoúl sah-ool'
4550 KJV: bad, corrupt    NAS: unwholesome, bad    HCS: a bad, bad, can a bad, foul, worthless, a bad
saprós sap-ros'
4551 KJV: Sapphira    NAS: Sapphira    HCS: Sapphira
Sappheírē sap-fi'-ray
4552 KJV: sapphire    NAS: sapphire    HCS: sapphire
sáppheiros sap'-fi-ros
4553 KJV: basket    NAS: basket    HCS: a basket
sargánē sar-gan'-ay
4554 KJV: Sardis    NAS: Sardis    HCS: Sardis
Sárdeis sar'-dice
4555 KJV: sardine    HCS: carnelian
sárdinos sar'-dee-nos
4556 KJV: sardius    NAS: sardius    HCS: carnelian
sárdios sar'-dee-os
4557 KJV: sardonyx    NAS: sardonyx    HCS: sardonyx
sardónyx sar-don'-oox
4558 KJV: Sarepta    NAS: Zarephath    HCS: Zarephath
Sárepta sar'-ep-tah
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