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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1178 KJV: fifteen    NAS: fifteen, two
dekapénte dek-ap-en'-teh
1179 KJV: Decapolis    NAS: Decapolis    HCS: Decapolis, of the Decapolis
Dekápolis dek-ap'-ol-is
1180 KJV: fourteen    NAS: fourteen    HCS: 14, were
dekatéssares dek-at-es'-sar-es
1181 KJV: tenth, tithe, tenth part    NAS: tenth, tithes, tenth part    HCS: a tenth, tenths
dekátē dek-at'-ay
1182 KJV: tenth    NAS: tenth    HCS: a tenth, 10, tenth
dékatos dek'-at-os
1183 KJV: pay tithes, receive tithes    NAS: paid tithes, collected a tenth    HCS: has paid tenths, collected tenths from
dekatóō dek-at-o'-o
1184 KJV: accepted, acceptable    NAS: favorable, acceptable, welcome    HCS: favor, in an acceptable, an acceptable, accepted, acceptable
dektós dek-tos'
1185 KJV: beguile, entice, allure    NAS: enticed, entice, enticing    HCS: enticed, they seduce, They seduce
deleázō del-eh-ad'-zo
1186 KJV: tree    NAS: tree, trees    HCS: tree, a tree, trees
déndron den'-dron
1187 KJV: spearmen    NAS: spearmen    HCS: spearmen
dexiolábos dex-ee-ol-ab'-os
1188 KJV: right side, right, right hand    NAS: right, right-hand, right hand    HCS: right, right side, the right hand, whose right, the right, right hand, His right
dexiós dex-ee-os'
1189 KJV: make request, beseech, pray    NAS: beg, prayed, implored, praying, ask, making request, beseech, begged, pray, please, begging    HCS: as we pray, kept begging, Please pray, prayed, *, I begged, praying, begged, pray, We plead, have prayed, asking, I beg, I ask, had prayed
déomai deh'-om-ahee
1190 KJV: of Derbe    NAS: Derbe    HCS: from Derbe
Derbaîos der-bah'ee-os
1191 KJV: Derbe    NAS: Derbe    HCS: Derbe
Dérbē der'-bay
1192 KJV: skin + (122)    NAS: goatskins
dérma der'-mah
1193 KJV: of a skin, leathern    NAS: leather    HCS: a leather
dermátinos der-mat'-ee-nos
1194 KJV: smite, beat    NAS: beaten, strike, receive...lashes, receive, hits, beating, beat, flogged    HCS: beaten, and beating, They beat, and had them flogged, hits, you will be flogged, one beating, beat, will be beaten, do you hit, they beat
dérō der'-o
1195 KJV: bind    NAS: binding, tie, bound    HCS: binding, They tie up
desmeúō des-myoo'-o
1196 KJV: bind    HCS: bound
desméō des-meh'-o
1197 KJV: bundle    NAS: bundles    HCS: bundles
désmē des-may'
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