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Strong's #5536 - χρῆμα

a primitive word
Parts of Speech
neuter noun
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  1. a thing, a matter, affair, event, business
    1. spec. money, riches
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 1697 ‑ דָּבָר (daw‑bawr');  3701 ‑ כֶּסֶף (keh'‑sef);  4242 ‑ מְחִיר (mekh‑eer');  5223 ‑ נָכֶה (naw‑keh');  7399 ‑ רְכֻשׁ (rek‑oosh', rek‑oosh');  
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ASV (7)
Mark 2
Luke 1
Acts 4
BSB (6)
Mark 1
Luke 1
Acts 4
CSB (6)
Mark 1
Luke 1
Acts 4
ESV (6)
Mark 1
Luke 1
Acts 4
KJV (7)
Mark 2
Luke 1
Acts 4
LEB (0)
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did not use
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LSB (6)
Mark 1
Luke 1
Acts 4
N95 (6)
Mark 1
Luke 1
Acts 4
NAS (6)
Mark 1
Luke 1
Acts 4
NLT (2)
Acts 3
WEB (7)
Mark 2
Luke 1
Acts 4
YLT (6)
Mark 1
Luke 1
Acts 4
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

χρῆμα, ατος, τό:


need, in the phrase παρὰ χ. or παραχρῆμα (q. v.); a thing that one needs or uses, cf. X. Oec. 1.9 sq. (pl.): hence in pl., goods, property (χρήματα λέγομεν πάντα ὅσων ἡ ἀξία νομίσματι μετρεῖται Arist. EN 1119b26), Od. 2.78, 203, al. (never in Il.), Hes. Op. 320, 407, etc.; of temple- treasures, heirlooms, etc., Mnemos. 57.208 (Argos, vi B. C.); τὰ ἱρὰ χ. τῆς Ἀθηναίης Hdt. 2.28, cf. 9.81; θησαυρούς.. ἄλλα τε χρύσεα ἄφατα χ. Id. 7.190; πολλῶν χ. ἐξαίρετον ἄνθος A. Ag. 954; πειρῶ τὸν πλοῦτον χρήματακαὶ κτήματα κατασκευάζειν· ἔστι δὲ χ. μὲν τοῖς ἀπολαύειν ἐπισταμένοις, κ. δὲ τοῖς κτᾶσθαι δυναμένοις Isoc. 1.28; τοῖς σκεύεσι καὶ τοῖς χρήμασιν ἀποθήκη Th. 6.97; πρόβατα καὶ ἄλλα χ. X. An. 5.2.4; τὰ ἀνδράποδα.. καὶ χρήματα τὰ πλεῖστα ἀπέδρα αὐτούς ib. 7.8.12: prov., χρήματα ψυχὴ πέλεται.. βροτοῖσι a man's money is his life, Hes. Op. 686; χρήματ' ἄνηρ ' money makes the man', Alc. 49, Pi. I. 2.11; ἐν χρήμασιν οἰκεῖ πατρώοις A. Eu. 757, cf. Ch. 135; also χρημάτων πένητες E. El. 37; τὰ χρήματ' ἐνεχυράζομαι Ar. Nu. 241; χρήματα πορίζειν Id. Ec. 236; ἄτιμοι ἦσαν τὰ σώματα, τὰ δὲ χ. εἶχον And. 1.74; χρημάτων ἥσσων Democr. 50; χρημάτων κρείσσων Th. 2.60; χρήμασι νικώμενος ibid.; χρημάτων ἀδωρότατος ib. 65; ἐλπίδα χρήμασιν ὠνητήν Id. 3.40; μήτε χρημάτων φειδομένους μήτε πόνων Pl. Phd. 78a; ζημιοῦσθαι χρήμασιν Id. Lg. 721b; even of debts, διαλῦσαι τὰ χ. D. 20.12; δεθέντ' ἐπὶ χρήμασιν ἐν τῷ δεσμωτηρίῳ Id. 24.168. Acc. to Poll. 9.87 the Ion. used also the sg. in this sense, and so we find, ἐπὶ κόσῳ ἂν χρήματι..; for how much money.. ? Answ. ἐπ' οὐδενί, Hdt. 3.38; ταύτην (sc. τὴν χλανίδα) πωλέω μὲν οὐδενὸς χ. δίδωμι δὲ ἄλλως ib. 139; also in Thgn. 197, χ. δ' ὃ μὲν Διόθεν καὶ σὺν δίκῃ ἀνδρὶ γένηται; in Att., οὐδενὸς ἂν χ. δεξάμενοι at no price, And. 2.4; and in later Prose, fund, sum of money, Arch. f. Religionswiss. 10.211 (Cos, ii B. C.); τὸ πλῆθος τοῦ χ. D.S. 13.106, cf. Acts 4:37, Luc. VH 1.20; χρήματα merchandise, Heraclit. 90, X. HG 1.6.37, Th. 3.74; property, substance, Berl.Sitzb. 1927.161 (Cyrene).

II generally, thing, matter, affair, esp. in and Ion., h.Merc. 332, Hes. Op. 344, 402; χρημάτων ἄελπτον οὐδέν Archil. 74; πάντων χ. δικαιότατον Mimn. 8; πρῶτον χρημάτων πάντων Hdt. 7.145; ἀντὶ πάντων χ. on every account, And. 2.21; δεινότατον ἁπάντων χρημάτων ib. 1; πᾶν χ. ἐκίνεε 'left no stone unturned', Hdt. 5.96; τεκμαίρει χρῆμ' ἕκαστον 'deeds show the man', Pi. O. 6.74; πάντων χ. μέτρον ἄνθρωπος Protag. 1; περαίνεται τὸ χ. the issue is being decided, Plu. Caes. 47: pl., simply, things, ὁμοῦ πάντα χ. ἦν Anaxag. 1, cf. Pl. Cra. 440a, Euthd. 294d, Plot. 4.2.1.

2. χρῆμα is freq. expressed where it might be omitted, δεινὸν χ. ἐποιεῦντο Hdt. 8.16; οἷόν τι χ. ποιήσειε ib. 138; ἐς ἀφανὲς χ. ἀποστέλλειν ἀποικίην to send out a colony without any certain destination, Id. 4.150; freq. in Trag., τί χρῆμα; = τί; what? τί χ. λεύσσω; A. Pr. 300, Ch. 10; or why? E. Alc. 512; so in gen., τοῦ χ. (sc. ἕνεκα); Ar. Nu. 1223; τί χ. δρᾷς; S. Aj. 288, cf. Ph. 1231; τί χ. πάσχει; E. Hipp. 909; τί δ' ἐστὶ χρῆμα; what is the matter? A. Ch. 885; πικρόν τί μοι δοκεῖ χ. εἶναι Pl. Grg. 485b; ἡδύ Id. Tht. 209e, al.; μάλιστα χρημάτων most of anything, i. e. certainly, Anon. Oxy. 1611.68 (iii A. D.); cf. χρέος 11.2.

3. used in periphrases to express something strange or extraordinary of its kind, ὑὸς χ. μέγα a huge monster of a boar, Hdt. 1.36; ἦν τοῦ χειμῶνος χ. ἀφόρητον Id. 7.188; τὸ χ. τῶν νυκτῶν ὅσον what a business the nights are! Ar. Numbers 2:1-34; λιπαρὸν τὸ χ. τῆς πόλεως what a grand city! Id. Av. 826, cf. Lys. 83; κλέπτον τὸ χ. τἀνδρός a thievish sort of fellow, Id. V. 933; τὸ χ. τοῦ νοσήματος Id. Lys. 1085; μακάριον.. λέγεις τυράννου χ. your tyrant- creature, Pl. R. 567e; χ. θαυμαστὸν γυναικός Plu. Ant. 31: without a gen., ἔλαφον, καλόν τι χ. καὶ μέγα X. Cyr. 1.4.8; σοφόν τοι χρῆμ' ἄνθρωπος truly a clever creature is he! Theoc. 15.83; κοῦφον χ. ποιητής ἐστιν καὶ πτηνὸν καὶ ἱερόν, of the poet, Pl. Ion 534b; χ. καλόν τι such a fine thing! Theoc. 15.23; also in a periphrastic use, οὐδὲν χ. τοῦ ἀγκῶνος κάμψαι δύνανται cannot bend the elbow at all, Hp. Fract. 42. so, to express a great number or mass, as we say, a deal, a heap of.., πολλόν τι χ. τῶν τέκνων, χ. πολλὸν ἀρδίων, νεῶν, Hdt. 3.109, 4.81, 6.43; χ. πολλόν τι χρυσοῦ Id. 3.130; σμικρὸν τὸ χ. τοῦ βίου E. Supp. 953; ὅσον τὸ χ. παρνόπων what a lot of locusts! Ar. Ach. 150; ὅσον τὸ χ. τοῦ πλακοῦντος Id. Eq. 1219; πολὺ χ. τεμαχῶν Id. Pl. 894; τὸ χ. τῶν κόπων ὅσον what a lot of them! Id. Ra. 1278; τῶν λαμπάδων ὅσον τὸ χ. Id. Th. 281; also of persons, χ. θηλειῶν woman kind, E. Ph. 198; σφενδονητῶν πάμπολύ τι χ. X. Cyr. 2.1.5; μέγα χ. Λακαινᾶν Theoc. 18.4: without a gen., ὅσον τὸ χ. ἐπὶ δεῖπνον ἦλθε what a crowd.. ! Ar. Pax 1192.

III (χράω (B) A)

oracle, Emp. 115.1.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

χρῆμα, χρηματος, τό (χράομαι), in Greek writings whatever is for use, whatever one uses, a thing, matter, affair, event, business; specifically, money (rarely so in the singular in secular authors, as Herodotus 3, 38; Diodorus 13, 106 (cf. Liddell and Scott, under the word I. under the end)): Acts 4:37; plural riches (often in Greek writings from Homer, Odyssey 2, 78; 16, 315 etc. down), Mark 10:24 (T WH omit; Tr marginal reading brackets the clause); οἱ τά χρήματα ἔχοντες, they that have riches, Mark 10:23; Luke 18:24; money, Acts 8:18, 20; Acts 24:26 (for כֶּסֶף, silver, Job 27:17; for נִכָסִים, riches, Joshua 22:8; 2 Chronicles 1:11f).

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

χρῆμα , -τος , τό (<χράομαι ),

[in LXX: Joshua 22:8, 2 Chronicles 1:11-12 (H5233), Job 27:17 (H3701), etc.; freq. in Sir (5:1, 8, al.), 2 and 4 Mac;]

a thing that one uses or needs (and generally, a matter, event, business); hence in pl.,

(a) wealth, riches: οἱ τά χ . ἔχοντες , Mark 10:23-24, Luke 18:24;

(b) money: Acts 8:18; Acts 8:20; Acts 24:26; sing. (rare in cl.) of a special sum of money, Acts 4:37.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
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χρημα χρήμα χρῆμα χρήμασι χρημασιν χρήμασιν χρηματα χρήματα χρηματων χρημάτων chrema chrêma chrēma chrē̂ma chremasin chrēmasin chrḗmasin chremata chrēmata chrḗmata chrematon chremáton chrēmatōn chrēmátōn
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