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Entry for Strong's #1351 - גָּאַל

Word Origin
a primitive root
Parts of Speech
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) to defile, pollute, desecrate

1a) (Niphal) to be defiled, be polluted

1b) (Piel) to pollute, desecrate

1c) (Pual) to be desecrated (of removal from priesthood)

1d) (Hiphil) to pollute, stain

1e) (Hithpael) to defile oneself

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 3435 ‑ μολύνω (mol‑oo'‑no);  
Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (11) NAS (11) HCS (11)
Ezra 1
Nehemiah 1
Isaiah 2
Lamentations 1
Daniel 1
Zephaniah 1
Malachi 2
Ezra 1
Nehemiah 1
Isaiah 2
Lamentations 1
Daniel 1
Zephaniah 1
Malachi 2
Ezra 1
Nehemiah 1
Isaiah 2
Lamentations 1
Daniel 2
Zephaniah 1
Malachi 3
v-PPms 3
v-Pw3mp 2
v-hp1cs 1
v-nPfs 1
v-np3cp 2
v-ti3ms 2
v-PPms 3
v-Pw3mp 2
v-hp1cs 1
v-nPfs 1
v-np3cp 2
v-ti3ms 2
v-PPms 3
v-Pw3mp 2
v-hp1cs 1
v-nPfs 1
v-np3cp 2
v-ti3ms 2

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1518) lg (גהל GhL) AC: ? CO: Stain AB: Wicked: A dark stain. (eng: evil)

D) lag (גהאל GhAL) AC: ? CO: Stain AB: ?: Clothing or hands that have been stained with blood. Any stain that pollutes something.

V) lag (גהאל GhAL) - Stain: [df: lag] KJV (11): (vf: Niphal, Hiphil, Hitpael, Pual, Piel) pollute, defile, stain - Strongs: H1351 (גָּאַל)

cm ) lfag (גהאול GhAWL) - Stained: [df: lag] KJV (1): defile - Strongs: H1352 (גֹּאַל)

J) lfg (גהול GhWL) AC: ? CO: ? AB: Wicked: An action that causes a stain of immorality.

V) lfg (גהול GhWL) - Wicked: KJV (2): (vf: Piel) unjustly, unrighteous - Strongs: H5765 (עָוַל)

Nm/f) lfg (גהול GhWL) - Wicked: KJV (60): wicked, unjust, unrighteous, iniquity, perverse - Strongs: H5766 (עֹלָה), H5767 (עַוָּל)

bm) lifg (גהויל GhWYL) - Wicked: KJV (1): ungodly - Strongs: H5760 (עֲוִיל)

K) flg (גהלו GhLW) AC: ? CO: Stain AB: Wicked

Nf1 ) eflg (גהלוה GhLWH) - Wickedness: KJV (1): iniquity - Strongs: H5932 (עַלְוָה)

L) lgi (יגהל YGhL) AC: ? CO: Wild goat AB: ?: From its dark colors as stains.

Nm) lgi (יגהל YGhL) - Wild goat: KJV (3): wild goat - Strongs: H3277 (יָעֵל)

Nf1) elgi (יגהלה YGhLH) - Wild goat: A female wild goat. KJV (1): roe - Strongs: H3280 (יַעֲלָה)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2020
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 II. [גָּאַל] verb defile, late (compare גָּעַל) —

Niph`al Perfect 3 masculine plural נְגֹאֲלוּ Isaiah 59:3; Lamentations 4:14, on form see Ges§ 51, 2, Kö i. 265; Participle נִגְאָלָה Zephaniah 3:1; — be defiled, hands with blood בַּדָּם, Isaiah 59:3 compare Lamentations 4:14; participle as substantive defiled, polluted one Zephaniah 3:1 of Jerusalem ("" ˜מֹרְאָה; appositive הָעִיר הַיּוֺנָה).

Pi`el Perfect 1 plural suffix גֵּאַלְנוּךָ Malachi 1:7 pollute, desecrate, object ׳י (desecrated in his altar).

Pu`al Imperfect וַיְגֹאֲלוּ מִןהַֿכְּהֻנָּה Ezra 2:62 = Nehemiah 7:64 construct pregnant and they were desecrated out of the priesthood, i.e. deposed, as desecrated one; Participle מְגֹאָל of bread laid on Yahweh's altar Malachi 1:7; of Yahweh's altar (table, שֻׁלְחָן) Malachi 1:12.

Hiph`il Perfect 1 singular אֶגְאָ֑לְתִּי Isaiah 63:3 (on Aramaic form see Kö i. 27 Ges§ 53 R. 6 but) read perhaps גֵּאָ֑לְתִּי Pi`el, see GFM ThLZ 1887,292 compare also Ges l.c. N. Ol§ 255 b Sta§ 159b, 3; — I have polluted, i.e. stained all my raiment.

Hithpa`el Imperfect יִתְגָּאַל Daniel 1:8; יִתְגָּאָ֑ל Daniel 1:8; — defile himself.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

גָּאַל fut. יִגְאַל.

(1)  to redeem, buy back, as a field or farm sold, Leviticus 25:25; Ruth 4:4, a thing consecrated to God, Leviticus 27:13, 15 Leviticus 27:15, 19 Leviticus 27:19, 20 Leviticus 27:20, 31 Leviticus 27:31 a slave, Leviticus 25:48, 49 Leviticus 25:49. Part. גֹּאֵל redeemer (of a field), Leviticus 25:26. Very frequently used of God as redeeming men, and specially Israel, as out of the slavery of Egypt, Exodus 6:6 from the Babylonish captivity [or other dispersions], Isaiah 43:1, 44:22 48:20 49:7, etc. Const. absol. also followed by מִן Psalms 72:14 מִיַּד Psalms 106:10. Part. pass. גְּאֻלִים, גְּאֻלֵי יְהוָֹה those redeemed by God, Isaiah 35:9, 51:10 Job 19:25, אֲנִי יָדַעְתִּי גֹּאֲלִי חַי “I know (that) my Redeemer liveth,” that God himself will free me from these calamities [in the resurrection, see the context. The Redeemer here is Christ].- Job 3:5, in the imprecations cast on the day of his birth, יִגְאָלֻהוּ חשֶׁךְ וְצַלְמָוֶת “let darkness and the shadow of death redeem it” for themselves, let them retake possession of it.

(2) Followed by דָּם; to require blood, i.e. to avenge bloodshed, to require the penalty of bloodshed from any one; only in part. גֹּאֵל הַדָּם avenger of blood, Numbers 35:19, seq.; Deuteronomy 19:6, 12 Deuteronomy 19:12; Joshua 20:3; 2 Samuel 14:11 and without הַדָּם Numbers 35:12.

(3) Since both the right of redemption (No. 1), and the office of avenging bloodshed (No. 2) belonged to the nearest kinsman, גֹּאֵל denotes, near of kin, near relative, Numbers 5:8; Leviticus 25:25; Ruth 3:12 with art. הַגֹּאֵל “the nearest kinsman,” Ruth 4:1,, compare 3:9, 12. The one next after him is called מִגֹּאֵל Ruth 2:20 compare 4:4. Pl. גֹּאֲלִים relatives, 1Ki. 16:11. (So to the Hebrew שְׁאֵר i.e. near kinsman, answers the Arab. ثَايِرُ avenger of blood, and وَلِىُّ denotes both a friend, kinsman, and a protector, avenger of blood.)

(4) Since by the law of Moses it was also the office of the next of kin, when a man died without children, to marry his widow (see יָבָם, יִבֵּם ); the verb גָּאַל is also transferred to this right and office of a relation, where it is denom. from גֹּאֵל. See Ruth 3:13, where Boaz says, אִם־יִגְאָלֵךְ טוֹב יִגְאָל וְאִם־לֹא יַחְפֹּץ לְגָאֳלֵךְ וּגְאַלְתִּיךְ אָנֹכִי “if he will marry thee by right of relationship, let him marry thee, but if he will not, I will marry thee;” compare Tob_3:17.

Niphal, pass. of Kal No. 1, to be redeemed, of a field and farm, Leviticus 25:30 of consecrated things, Leviticus 27:20, 27 Leviticus 27:27, 28 Leviticus 27:28, 33 Leviticus 27:33 of a slave, Leviticus 25:54 reflex, to redeem oneself, ib., verse 49 Leviticus 25:49.

Derivatives גְּאֻלָּה, גְּאוּלִים and pr.n. יִגְאָל.


גָּאַל a word of the later [?] Hebrew, not used in Kal, to be polluted, impure, i.q. Chald. גְּאַל, גְּעַל; Ithpe. אִתְגְּעַל to be polluted.

Piel גֵּאֵל to pollute, to defile, Malachi 1:7.


(1) to be polluted; part. מְגֹאָל polluted, impure, unclean, of food, Malachi 1:7, 12 Malachi 1:12.

(2) declared impure, i.e. to be removed, as a priest from sacred ministry, Ezra 2:62; Nehemiah 7:64 compare Syriac ܐܰܓܺܠ to cast away, reject, and גָּעַל Hiphil.

Niphal נִגְאַל Zephaniah 3:1, and נְגאַל Isaiah 59:3; Lamentations 4:14 (which form is like the passive Conj. VII. in Arabic أُنْقُبِلَ), polluted, defiled, stained.

Hiphil, to pollute, to stain, as a garment with blood, Isaiah 63:3. The form אֶגְאַלְתִּי for הִגְאַלְתִּי imitates the Syriac.

Hithpael, to pollute oneself, with unclean food, Daniel 1:8. Hence

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List of Word Forms
אֶגְאָֽלְתִּי׃ אגאלתי׃ גֵֽאַלְנ֑וּךָ גאלנוך וְנִגְאָלָ֑ה וַֽיְגֹאֲל֖וּ וַיְגֹֽאֲל֖וּ ויגאלו ונגאלה יִתְגָּאַ֛ל יִתְגָּאָֽל׃ יתגאל יתגאל׃ מְגֹאָ֔ל מְגֹאָ֣ל מגאל נְגֹֽאֲל֖וּ נְגֹאֲל֣וּ נגאלו ’eḡ’ālətî ’eḡ·’ā·lə·tî egAleti ḡê’alnūḵā ḡê·’al·nū·ḵā gealNucha mə·ḡō·’āl məḡō’āl megoAl nə·ḡō·’ă·lū nəḡō’ălū negoaLu vaygoaLu venigaLah way·ḡō·’ă·lū wayḡō’ălū wə·niḡ·’ā·lāh wəniḡ’ālāh yiṯ·gā·’al yiṯ·gā·’āl yiṯgā’al yiṯgā’āl yitgaAl
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