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Entry for Strong's #5503 - סָחַר

Word Origin
a primitive root
Parts of Speech
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) to go around, go about, travel about in, go about in trade

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to go about to and fro (in business)

1a2) trader, trafficker (participle)

1b) (Pilpel) to palpitate

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 4198 ‑ πορεύομαι (por‑yoo'‑om‑ahee);  1710 ‑ ἐμπορεύομαι (em‑por‑yoo'‑om‑ahee);  1711 ‑ ἐμπορία (em‑por‑ee'‑ah);  1713 ‑ ἔμπορος (em'‑por‑os);  2038 ‑ ἐργάζομαι (er‑gad'‑zom‑ahee);  5015 ‑ ταράσσω (tar‑as'‑so);  
Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (20) NAS (21) HCS (21)
Genesis 5
1 Kings 1
2 Chronicles 2
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 3
Jeremiah 1
Ezekiel 6
Genesis 5
1 Kings 1
2 Chronicles 2
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 3
Jeremiah 1
Ezekiel 6
Genesis 5
1 Kings 1
2 Chronicles 2
Psalms 1
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 3
Jeremiah 1
Ezekiel 7

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2473) rhx (סההר SHhR) AC: Trade CO: Merchandise AB: ?: To go about to and fro trading precious merchandises. [from: hr- travel]

V) rhx (סההר SHhR) - I. Trade: II. Beat:The beating of the heart in the sense of going about to and fro. KJV (20): (vf: Paal, Pilpel, Participle) merchant, trade, pant, traffick - Strongs: H5503 (סָחַר)

Nm) rhx (סההר SHhR) - Merchandise: Something that is traded. KJV (7): merchandise - Strongs: H5504 (סַחַר), H5505 (סָחַר)

cf1) erfhx (סההורה SHhWRH) - Merchandise: Something that is traded. KJV (1): merchandise - Strongs: H5506 (סְחֹרָה)

gf1) erhfx (סוההרה SWHhRH) - Shield: [Unknown connection to root;] KJV (1): buckler - Strongs: H5507 (סֹחֵרָה)

gf2) trhfx (סוההרת SWHhRT) - Black: From the black goat hair tents of the traders. KJV (1): black - Strongs: H5508 (סֹחֶרֶת)

hm) rhxm (מסההר MShhR) - Merchandise: Something that is traded. KJV (1): traffick - Strongs: H4536 (מִסְחָר)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2019
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

סָחַר to go around, to travel about, a country, followed by an acc. of the country, Genesis 34:10, 21 Genesis 34:21. (Kindred is סָהַר which see. Ch. סְחַר is very often in the Targums for the Heb. סָבַב. In Syriac it means spec. to travel about as a beggar, to go a begging. In Arab. ساحر and سخر the idea of going about is very uncertain, and it is not supported by the usage of the language). Specially to go round, to travel about countries for the sake of traffic; hence to trade, ἐμπορεύομαι. Genesis 42:34, וְ֦אֶת־הָאָרֶץ תִּסְחָרוּ “and ye shall go through the land,” i.e. to buy corn. Part. סֹחֵר a chapman, merchant, ἔμπορος, Genesis 23:16, 37:28. סֹחֲרֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ the king’s merchants, who made journeys in order to purchase for him, 1 Kings 10:28; 2 Chronicles 1:16 also a sailor, Proverbs 31:14; Isaiah 23:2. Fem. סֹחֶרֶת a female merchant, Ezekiel 27:12, 16 Ezekiel 27:16, 18 Ezekiel 27:18. Metaph. to have intercourse with any one, Isaiah 47:15. (In Aramean and Arabic the signification of trading is expressed by the cognate verb תְּגַר, تَجَرَ).

Pilpel סְחַרְחַר to go round quickly, used of the heart, i.e. to palpitate violently, Psalms 38:11.

Derivatives מִסְחָר and the four nouns which follow.

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List of Word Forms
וְהַסֹּחֲרִ֖ים וְיִסְחֲר֣וּ וְסֹחֲרֵ֨י וּסְחָר֔וּהָ והסחרים ויסחרו וסחרוה וסחרי לַסֹּחֵֽר׃ לסחר׃ סְ֭חַרְחַר סָחֲר֥וּ סֹֽחֲרִ֗ים סֹֽחֲרִים֙ סֹחֲרֵ֣י סֹחֲרֶ֙יה֙ סֹחֲרַ֣יִךְ סֹחֲרָֽיִךְ׃ סֹחֵ֥ר סֹחַרְתֵּ֖ךְ סֹחַרְתֵּ֛ךְ סוֹחֵ֑ר סוחר סחר סחרו סחרחר סחרי סחריה סחריך סחריך׃ סחרים סחרתך תִּסְחָֽרוּ׃ תסחרו׃ las·sō·ḥêr lassoCher lassōḥêr sā·ḥă·rū sachaRu sāḥărū sə·ḥar·ḥar Secharchar səḥarḥar sō·ḥă·ra·yiḵ sō·ḥă·rā·yiḵ sō·ḥă·rê sō·ḥă·reh sō·ḥă·rîm sō·ḥar·têḵ sō·ḥêr sō·w·ḥêr sochaRayich sochaRei sochaReih sochaRim socharTech soCher sōḥărayiḵ sōḥărāyiḵ sōḥărê sōḥăreh sōḥărîm sōḥartêḵ sōḥêr sōwḥêr tis·ḥā·rū tisCharu tisḥārū ū·sə·ḥā·rū·hā usechaRuha ūsəḥārūhā vehassochaRim vesochaRei veyischaRu wə·has·sō·ḥă·rîm wə·sō·ḥă·rê wə·yis·ḥă·rū wəhassōḥărîm wəsōḥărê wəyisḥărū
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