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Entry for Strong's #7622 - שְׁבִית

shebûth, shebı̂yth
sheb-ooth', sheb-eeth'  
Word Origin
from (07617)
Parts of Speech
Noun Feminine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

1) captivity, captives

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 161 ‑ αἰχμαλωσία (aheekh‑mal‑o‑see'‑ah);  
Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (43) NAS (32) HCS (31)
Numbers 1
Deuteronomy 1
Job 1
Psalms 4
Jeremiah 11
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 3
Hosea 1
Joel 1
Amos 1
Zephaniah 2
Numbers 1
Deuteronomy 1
Job 1
Psalms 5
Jeremiah 11
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 3
Hosea 1
Joel 1
Amos 1
Zephaniah 2
Numbers 1
Deuteronomy 1
Job 1
Psalms 4
Jeremiah 12
Lamentations 1
Ezekiel 6
Hosea 1
Joel 1
Amos 1
Zephaniah 2
n-cfs 1
n-cfsc 21
n-cfs 1
n-cfsc 22
n-cfs 1
n-cfsc 22

Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1462) bs (סהב ShB) AC: Turn CO: Seat AB: ?: The pictograph s is a picture of the two front teeth representing pressing, the b is a picture of tent. Combined these mean "Press to the tent". A place of dwelling as the place returned to. A turning back or away from someone or something. A captive is one turned away from a place of dwelling. (eng: shove)

A) bs (סהב ShB) AC: ? CO: Seat AB: ?: A returning to ones place of residence where one sits.

Nf2) tbs (סהבת ShBT) - Seat: KJV (4): seat, place - Strongs: H7675 (שֶׁבֶת)

qf) fbs (סהבו ShBW) - Shvo: An unknown stone, possibly an agate. KJV (2): agate - Strongs: H7618 (שְׁבוֹ)

B) bbs (סהבב ShBB) AC: Turn CO: ? AB: ?

Nm ) bbs (סהבב ShBB) - Broken: To be broken into pieces. [Unknown connection to root;] KJV (1): broken - Strongs: H7616 (שְׁבָבִים)

bm) bibs (סהביב ShBYB) - Flame: [Unknown connection to root; Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (3): spark, flame - Strongs: H7631 (שְׁבִיב), H7632 (שָׁבִיב)

gm) bbfs (סהובב ShWBB) - Backsliding: A turning back. KJV (6): backsliding, frowardly - Strongs: H7726 (שׁוֹבָב), H7728 (שׁוֹבֵב)

H) ebs (סהבה ShBH) AC: Capture CO: Captive AB: ?: A forcible turning away from ones homeland to another place.

V) ebs (סהבה ShBH) - Capture: To take one away from his homeland as a captive. KJV (47): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Participle) captive, away, carry, take - Strongs: H7617 (שָׁבָה)

Nf3) tfbs (סהבות ShBWT) - Captivity: [df: tybs] KJV (44): captivity, captive - Strongs: H7622 (שְׁבִית)

ff ) ibs (סהבי ShBY) - Captive: KJV (49): captivity, captive, prisoner, taken - Strongs: H7628 (שְׁבִי)

ff1) eibs (סהביה ShBYH) - Captive: KJV (9): captive, captivity - Strongs: H7633 (שִׁבְיָה)

J) bfs (סהוב ShWB) AC: Turn CO: ? AB: ?: A turning back to a previous state or place.

V) bfs (סהוב ShWB) - Return: To turn back. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (1074): (vf: Paal, Hiphil, Hophal, Pual, Participle) return, again, turn, back, away, restore, bring, render, answer, recompense, recover, deliver, put, withdraw, requite - Strongs: H7725 (שׁוּב), H8421 (תּוּב)

Nf1) ebfs (סהובה ShWBH) - Returning: KJV (1): returning - Strongs: H7729 (שׁוּבָה)

if1) ebfst (תסהובה TShWBH) - Return: Also a reply as a return. KJV (8): return, expire, answer - Strongs: H8666 (תְּשֻׁבָה)

kf1) ebfsm (מסהובה MShWBH) - Backsliding: A turning back. KJV (12): backsliding, turning away - Strongs: H4878 (מְשֻׁבָה)

L) bsi (יסהב YShB) AC: Sit CO: Dwelling AB: ?: A place of dwelling as the place returned to.

V) bsi (יסהב YShB) - Sit: To set oneself down in the dwelling place for the night or for long periods of time. To settle or remain. [Hebrew and Aramaic] KJV (1093): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Hiphil, Hophal, Piel) dwell, inhabitant, sit, abide, inhabit, down, remain, in, tarry, set, continue, place, still, taken - Strongs: H3427 (יָשַׁב), H3488 (יְתִב)

am) bsfm (מוסהב MWShB) - Dwelling: The place of sitting. KJV (44): habitation, dwelling, seat, dwellingplace, dwell, place, sitting, assembly, situation, sojourning - Strongs: H4186 (מֹשָׁב)

im) bsft (תוסהב TWShB) - Sojourner: One who travels from place to place. KJV (14): sojourner, stranger, foreigner - Strongs: H8453 (תֹּשָׁב)

M) bis (סהיב ShYB) AC: Turn CO: ? AB: ?

Nf1 ) ebis (סהיבה ShYBH) - Return: KJV (2): captivity - Strongs: H7870 (שִׁיבָה), H7871 (שִׁיבָה)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2019
Jeff Brenner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 שְׁבִית,שְׁבוּת noun feminine id. (√ שׁבהᵐ5 Thes SS Preusschen: ZAWxv (1895),1ff. Krae Ezekiel 10:53; > √ שׁוב Ew JBW V(1852-3),216 F., §165B Ol§ 412,417§ 464 Kue Ttijdschr.vii.519 ff. Oort Ib.xiv. 157 Schw ZAWviii(1888),200 and others; Kö ii 1 166f.474;ii.2,§329 i thinks derivatives of שׁבה and שׁוב are confused, compare Ew§ 166b); — absolute שְׁבִית Numbers 21:29; construct שְׁבוּת Hosea 6:11 +, sf שְׁבוּתְךָ Deuteronomy 30:3 שְׁבִיתְהֶן Ezekiel 16:53 a (see below), שְׁבוּתֵיכֶם Zephaniah 3:20 (read ת־ְכֶם Now GASm), etc. [ᵑ0 has שְׁבוּת, etc. 16t., +Kt (שְׁבִית Qr) Zephaniah 2:7; Psalm 85:2; Psalm 126:4+ Ezekiel 16:53 a (Gi, but Baer שְׁבִיתְהֶן Kt and Qr, see his note), +Qr (Kt שׁבית) Jeremiah 29:14; Jeremiah 49:39; Ezekiel 16:53b,c + v:d (but < read וְשַׁבְתִּ֫י for וּשְׁב֯יו Vrss Comm.), Lamentations 2:14; Job 42:10; שְׁבִית Kt and Qr Numbers 21:29, שְׁבִיתַתִךְ Ezekiel 16:53 (but Co Krae שְׁבוּתֵךְ); שְׁכִית probably earlier Ew§ 186b and elsewhere Psalm 126:1 read probably שְׁבִית for שִׁיבַת; —

1 in clause נָתַן בַּשְּׁבִית Numbers 21:29 (JE) give his daughters into captivity (or as captives, "" מְּלֵיטִם of sons, compare Jeremiah 48:46; compare (perhaps) Lamentations 1:7 (see [ מִשְׁבָּת] below שׁבת).

2 in phrase restore the captivity of, accusative after שׁוּב, הֵשִׁיב, ׳י subject [verb

Qal Deuteronomy 30:3+ 15t.,+ Ezekiel 16:53 d Psalm 126:1 (see below);

Hiph`il Jeremiah 32:41+ 5t., + Qal Kt,

Hiph`il Qr, Jeremiah 33:26 2t.]: ,

a. of Israel (or Judah) Hosea 6:(ᵐ5. joins to Hosea 7:1, Song of Solomon , as gloss, We Now), Zephaniah 2:7; Zephaniah 3:20; Deuteronomy 30:3; Jeremiah 29:14; Jeremiah 30:3,18 (אָהֳלֵי יַעֲקֹב׳שׁ), Jeremiah 31:23; Jeremiah 32:44; Jeremiah 33:7 (twice in verse); Jeremiah 33:11 (הָאָרֶץ׳שׁ), Jeremiah 33:26; Lamentations 2:14 (subject prophet), Ezekiel 16:53a,c,d (on text see above), Ezekiel 39:25; Amos 9:14; Joel 4:1; Psalm 14:7 = Psalm 53:7; Psalm 85:2; Psalm 126:1 (see above), Psalm 53:4.

b. of other nations Jeremiah 48:47 (compare Jeremiah 48:46), Jeremiah 49:6,39; Ezekiel 29:14 (compare Ezekiel 29:13).

c. apparently in more Genesis , sense, restore fortunes of Sodom Ezekiel 16:53 (Krae, compare following).

d. restore fortunes of individuals, Job 42:10.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

שְׁבִית f. i.q. שְׁבוּת (which see) captivity.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available
List of Word Forms
וּשְׁב֥וּת ושבות שְׁב֣וּת שְׁב֥וּת שְׁב֨וּת שְׁבִ֣יתְהֶ֔ן שְׁבוּת֙ שְׁבוּתְךָ֖ שְׁבוּתֵיכֶ֛ם שְׁבוּתָ֑ם שְׁבוּתָ֖ם שְׁבוּת־ שְׁב֣וּת שְׁב֤וּת שְׁב֥וּת שְׁבִ֣ית שְׁבִיתֵ֑נוּ שְׁבִיתָֽם׃ שְׁבוּתְכֶ֗ם שְׁבוּתֵ֑ךְ שבות שבות־ שבותיכם שבותך שבותכם שבותם שבית שביתהן שביתם׃ שביתנו šə·ḇî·ṯām šə·ḇî·ṯə·hen šə·ḇî·ṯê·nū šə·ḇîṯ šə·ḇū·ṯām šə·ḇū·ṯə·ḵā šə·ḇū·ṯê·ḵem šə·ḇū·ṯə·ḵem šə·ḇū·ṯêḵ šə·ḇūṯ šə·ḇūṯ- šəḇîṯ šəḇîṯām šəḇîṯəhen šəḇîṯênū šəḇūṯ šəḇūṯ- šəḇūṯām šəḇūṯêḵ šəḇūṯəḵā šəḇūṯêḵem šəḇūṯəḵem sheVit sheviTam sheViteHen sheviTenu sheVut shevuTam shevuTech shevuteCha shevuteChem shevuteiChem ū·šə·ḇūṯ ūšəḇūṯ usheVut
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