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Daily Reading Plan
Bible-in-a-Year — NIV
1 Chronicles 9; Haggai 1-2; John 1:35-51:
Now the first to resettle on their own property in their own towns were some Israelites, priests, Levites and temple servants. Those from Judah, from Benjamin, and from Ephraim and Manasseh who lived in Jerusalem were: Uthai son of Ammihud, the son of Omri, the son of Imri, the son of Bani, a descendant of Perez son of Judah. Of the Shelanites: Asaiah the firstborn and his sons. Of the Zerahites: Jeuel. The people from Judah numbered 690. Of the Benjamites: Sallu son of Meshullam,…
Daily Devotionals
Charles Spurgeon's "Morning & Evening"
Morning “He received from God the Father honour and glory.” Matthew 3 Matthew 3:1-3 As the priests commenced their service at thirty, it was probably at that age that John began publicly to teach. He commenced with a message most appropriate to the coming of the Saviour. Matthew 3:4 He was dressed as Elijah had been, and lived a self-denying, ascetic life, in keeping with the ministry of repentance. Matthew 3:5 , Matthew 3:6 All ranks and classes came to him; he stirred the whole south of…
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Daily Wisdom
Proverbs 17:5 - He who mocks the poor taunts his Maker; He who rejoices at calamity will not go unpunished.
Words to Ponder
To pray absolutely against all suffering is to desire one of the greatest punishments on this side hell. - William Gurnall (1616-79)