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Monday, May 27th, 2024
the Week of Proper 3 / Ordinary 8
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Pastoral Resources

Bible Maps Archive

Part 1: The Biblical Setting

The Face of the Ancient Near East

The Ancient Near East  — Biblical Regions  — Modern States and the Ancient Near East  — Mesopotamia: Homeland of Abraham  — Egypt: Land of Bondage  — Syria and Lebanon  — International Routes, The King's Highway  — Geography and Trade Routes of the Middle East

Natural Regions of Palestine

National Regions of Ancient Palestine  — Physical Geography of Palestine  — Topography of Palestine;Cross Sectional Views of Longitudinal Zones  — Northern Coastal Plains  — Plain of Dor, Plain of Sharon, Samaria, et al.  — Philistine Plain, Shephelah, Judah, and the Dead Sea  — Arabah, Negeb, Wildernesses of Zin and Paran  — The Old City of Jerusalem Today  — Modern Political Divisions of Ancient Palestine  — Climate Patterns of Ancient Palestine

Part 2: The Hebrew Bible Period

Before Abraham

Selected Neolithic and Chalcolithic Settlements  — The Table of Nations (1)  — The Table of Nations (2)  — Ancient Near East in the 3rd Millennium

The World of the Patriarchs

Ancient Near East in the Time of the Patriarchs  — The Land of Canaan from Abraham to Moses  — Palestine in the Middle Bronze Age  — The Migration of Abraham  — Abraham in Canaan  — Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob  — Travels of Jacob  — The Journeys of Joseph

The Egyptian Experience

Expulsion of the Hyksos  — Egypt and Palestine in the Late Bronze Age  — Sites in the Amarna Archive (Akhetaton; Tell el-Amarna)  — Campaigns of Thutmose III and Amenhotep II  — Canaan in the 14th Century: The Tell el-Amarna Tablets  — The Egyptian Empire and the Hittites  — Egyptian Empire and Balance of Power, ca. 1400 BCE  — The Route of the Exodus

The Exodus

Events during the Sojourn at Kadesh-Barnea  — Journey of the Spies  — The Journey from Kadesh-Barnea to the Plains of Moab

Conquest and Settlement

Ancient Near East from 1200-100 BCE  — The Conquest of Canaan  — The Sea Peoples  — The Levant from 1200-1000 BCE  — The Conquest by Joshua  — Joshua's Central and Southern Campaigns  — Joshua's Northern Campaign  — The Limits of Israelite Settlement  — Israel in Canaan from Joshua to Samuel to Saul  — The Tribal Allotments of Israel  — The Division of the Land Among the Tribes  — Levitical Cities and Cities of Refuge (1)  — The Levitical Cities (2)  — The Judges of Israel  — The Period of the Judges  — Ehud and the Oppression of the Moabites  — Deborah's Victory over the Canaanites  — Gideon's Battles with the Amalekites  — Jephthah and the Ammonites  — Samson the the Philistines  — The Battle at Ebenezer and the Loss of the Ark  — The Ministry of Samuel and Anointment of Saul  — The Kingdom of Saul and His Wars  — Saul, 1000 BCE  — David's Flight from Saul

The Kingdom of David and Solomon

David's Rise to Power  — David in Conquest of Canaan  — David's Wars of Conquest  — Kingdom of David and Solomon  — The United Monarchy under Solomon (1)  — The United Monarchy under Solomon (2)  — Solomon's Economic Enterprises  — Solomon's Building Activities  — Solomon's Temple  — Jerusalem in the Time of David and Solomon

The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah (1)  — The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah (2)  — The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah (3)  — The Campaign of Shishak  — Conflicts between Israel and Aram-Damascus  — The Omride Dynasty  — The Golden Ages of the 9th & 8th centuries BCE  — Phoenician Trade and Civilization  — Trade Routes throughout the Middle East  — Travel Routes throughout Palestine  — Elijah and Elisha  — The Revolt of Jehu  — The Rise of Assyria  — Israel & Judah in the days of Jeroboam II and Uzziah  — The Assyrian Empire under Tiglath-Pileser III  — The Syro-Ephraimite War  — Tiglath-Pileser III's Campaigns  — Fall of Samaria and Deportation of Israelites  — The Fall of the Kingdom of Israel  — Assyrian Districts after the Fall of Samaria  — Prophets of the 8th Century BCE

Judah Alone amid International Powers

Hezekiah's Preparation for Revolt  — Judah under King Hezekiah  — Hezekiah's Jerusalem  — Sennacherib's Campaign against Judah  — Assyria in the 7th century BCE  — The Rise of the Neo-Babylonian Empire  — The Reign of Josiah  — The Districts of Judah under King Josiah  — The Golden Age of King Josiah;Nebuchadnezzar's Campaigns against Judah

The Babylonian Exile

Judah during the Exile  — The Kingdom of Judah  — Exile; Palestine in the Post-Exilic Period  — Jewish Exiles in Babylon  — Jewish Refugees in Egypt

The Persian Period

World Powers of the 6th century BCE  — The Conquests of Cyrus the Great  — The Persian Empire  — The Return of the Jewish Exiles to Judah  — Judah in the 5th century BCE  — Palestine after the Exile

The Hellenistic Period

Alexander the Great's Empire  — The Division of Alexander's Empire ca. 275 BCE  — Palestine under the Ptolemies  — The Seleucid Empire and Antiochus III  — Campaigns of Antiochus IV against Egypt  — The Maccabees in 168 BCE  — Selected Events in the Maccabean Revolt  — Jewish Expansion under the Hasmonean Dynasty  — Pompey's Campaign against Jerusalem

Part 3: The New Testament Era

Rome's Emergence as a World Power

Early Rome  — Roman Expansion in the 3rd & 2nd centuries BCE  — Civil Wars amidst Roman Expansion in 1st century BCE  — Roman Empire in the Age of Augustus

The Romans, Palestine, and Herod the Great

Roman Rule in Palestine 63-40 BCE  — The Kingdom of Herod the Great  — Herod's Building Program

The World of Jesus

The Division of Herod's Kingdom  — Palestine under the Herods  — Palestine in the Time of Jesus (1)  — Palestine in the Time of Jesus (2)  — Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Life and Ministry of Jesus

Jesus' Birth and Early Childhood  — The Birth, Childhood, and Baptism of Jesus  — John the Baptist  — Galilee in the Time of Jesus  — Jesus' Ministry in Galilee and Journey to Jerusalem  — The Ministry of Jesus around the Sea of Galilee  — The Ministry of Jesus beyond Galilee  — Jesus' Ministry according to John  — Jesus' Journeys from Galilee to Judea  — Jesus in Judea and Jerusalem  — Jerusalem in the New Testament Period  — The Passion Week in Jerusalem

Early Expansion of the Church

The Kingdom of Herod Agrippa I  — The Kingdom of Agrippa II  — Pentecost and the Jewish Diaspora  — Expansion of the Early Church in Palestine  — Paul's Conversion and Early Ministry  — Paul's Journeys  — The First Missionary Journey of Paul  — The Second Missionary Journey of Paul  — The Third Missionary Journey of Paul  — Paul's Arrest and Imprisonment  — Paul's Voyage to Rome

The First Jewish Revolt

Distribution of Roman Legions under Tiberius  — The First Jewish Revolt  — Titus's Campaigns  — Herod's Temple

The Early Christian Church

Churches of the Revelation  — The Roman Empire ca. 117 CE  — Palestine from 73-135 CE  — The Bar Kokhba Revolt, 132-135 CE  — Hadrian's Jerusalem  — Christian Expansion in the 2nd & 3rd Century

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