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Daily Devotionals

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Devotional: April 10th

"He shall glorify Me." John 16:14

IF Jesus is to be glorified, our pride must be mortified, and our spirits humbled. It is the Spirit's office and work to glorify Jesus; this He does, by discovering to us our wretched and ruined state, and leading us to Him to crave salvation as a favour at His hands. By daily emptying us and leading us to Him for all we need. By giving us to see, that all God has created cannot satisfy an immortal spirit for one moment of time, but that there is enough in Jesus to satisfy it throughout eternity. Jesus is glorified when we mourn over sin, and wash in the fountain of His blood; when we renounce our own doings and feelings, and desire to be found in His righteousness alone; when we refuse to look to any other quarter for help, relief, or comfort, but to Him; when His dear name fills all our songs; and when we long to have a crown to cast at His feet, and a harp that will worthily sound forth His praise. "He shall glorify Me." This decrees the death of pride, self, and creature excellence. Beloved, whatsoever you do in word or deed, do all to the glory of Jesus. He is the Lord of all.

Lord, draw my heart from earth away
And make it only know Thy call;
Speak to my inmost soul, and say,
"I am thy Saviour, God, thine All!"
O dwell in me, and fill my soul,
And all my powers by Thine control.

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